Re: [ovirt-users] solution for removing a data storage

2015-12-10 Thread Fred Rolland
Hi, The steps for removing are correct. Notice that when you click "Remove" you will have the option to format the domain in order to wipe existing data on it. Why do you want to remove and add it again? Thanks, Fred On Thu, Dec 10, 2015 at 9:48 AM, alireza sadeh seighalan <

[ovirt-users] solution for removing a data storage

2015-12-09 Thread alireza sadeh seighalan
hi everyone for removing a data storage and add it again this solution is ok: 1. Use the Storage resource tab, tree mode 2. Select the storage domain in the main tab 3. In the details pane at bottom select datacenter tab 4. Select the DC where the storage domain is active 5. Select Maintenance