[ovirt-users] Spacewalk Integration

2020-02-20 Thread eevans
I finally figured out how to use Spacewalk as an external provider in Ovirt. For the URL I used http://sat.digitaldatatechs.com/XMLRPC and used the admin login credentials. It registered and Spacewalk has the capability of provisioning a bare bones machine. I have not tested provisioning but

[ovirt-users] Spacewalk integration

2020-02-03 Thread eevans
I know in the past that Spacewalk integration was not possible. Has anyone successfully integrated Spacewalk? It is possible or is it something that's not being put together. I use Spacewalk 2.9 and would like to integrate if it's possible and feasible. Thanks Eric Evans Digital Data Services

Re: [ovirt-users] spacewalk integration

2016-03-13 Thread Yaniv Dary
It is not possible to use spacewalk with oVirt. Patches to add this to oVirt are welcomed. Yaniv Dary Technical Product Manager Red Hat Israel Ltd. 34 Jerusalem Road Building A, 4th floor Ra'anana, Israel 4350109 Tel : +972 (9) 7692306 8272306 Email: yd...@redhat.com IRC : ydary On

[ovirt-users] spacewalk integration

2016-02-20 Thread Charles Kozler
Hi Guys - Can you use spacewalk as an external provider in oVirt? I see it allows Satelilte/Foreman but I know the new Satellite product is much different than Spacewalk as I believe Spacewalk is still technically Satellite 5 whereas Satellite 6 is an entire rewrite If Spacewalk can be used,