Re: [ovirt-users] vds.dispatcher ERROR SSL in ovirt 4.0

2016-06-10 Thread Piotr Kliczewski
Claude, Please look for "ProtocolDetector.AcceptorImpl::(handle_accept) Accepting connection from ". The last part of this log message contains peername. I should help to understand which client is connecting. >From the message I see that the client is disconnecting and as a result we get:

[ovirt-users] vds.dispatcher ERROR SSL in ovirt 4.0

2016-06-08 Thread Claude Durocher
I'm testing ovirt 4.0 rc1 on centos 7 (hosted engine on nfs). Every 15 seconds or so, I receive the following error: journal: vdsm vds.dispatcher ERROR SSL error during reading data: (104, 'Connection reset by peer') Any ideas on how to debug this?