[SOGo] Different Apache configuration for internal/external requests

2013-01-19 Thread Holger A. Brinkhaus
Hi all,

at the moment /etc/apache2/conf.d/SOGo.conf is configured for external access (which works via DynDNS). This works fine but also means that this is also used for my internal access. For this reason I am limited to external bandwidth also for my internal accesses. Is there a possibility to change this?

Best Regards

[SOGo] BTS activities for Saturday, January 19 2013

2013-01-19 Thread SOGo reporter
Title: BTS activities for Saturday, January 19 2013

BTS Activities

  Home page: http://www.sogo.nu/bugs
  Project: SOGo
  For the period covering: Saturday, January 19 2013

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