Re: [SOGo] Synchronisation of LDAP addressbooks

2016-06-24 Thread Peter
Thanks for this advise. We've done several tests - it seems that the problem comes from iPhone version of ActiveSync client as we have no problems on other devices. Anyway, we've disabled the huge address book for the moment. Peter On 06/23/2016 15:59, Christian Mack

[SOGo] Multi domain sql configuration and strange behavior

2016-06-24 Thread Vincent Sneyers
Hi everybody, I'm using Sogo for two month now and it' working well beside the multi domain which is making me crazy. To explain it quickly, they are 3 domains hosted on the same server with a mysql backend. The first domain two are able to login/logout. But after a few try, I can see in the

Re: [SOGo] confidential appointments

2016-06-24 Thread "sg gs"
hello,   i guess caldav/carddav/.. suffer from the same issue and i was told this is a weakness, deigned into the rfc. the implementaion is correct with respect to this rfc. as this might be a show stopper at our site (ok, i could teach users. but this is not really an option because users tend

[SOGo] Global Address book via Carddav?

2016-06-24 Thread Gerald Brandt
Hi, Is the Global Address Book exposed via Carddav or some other method? My user on Outlook, using Outlook Caldav Synchronizer would love to get access to it. Gerald -- Gerald Brandt, IT Manager ERLPhase Power Technologies Ltd., 74 Scurfield Blvd., Winnipeg, MB R3Y 1G4 Tel: (204) 477-0591

[SOGo] BTS activities for Friday, June 24 2016

2016-06-24 Thread SOGo reporter
Title: BTS activities for Friday, June 24 2016 BTS Activities Home page: Project: SOGo For the period covering: Friday, June 24 2016 idlast updatestatus (resolution)categorysummary 3732

[SOGo] Free/Busy and Outlook 2013

2016-06-24 Thread Gerald Brandt
Hi, Is there a way to get free/busy info from SOGo using Outlooks free/busy URL entry? I've tried this: https:///SOGo/dav/public/%NAME%/freebusy.ifb but it doesn't seem to be working. I am running an invalid certifcate. Gerald --