[SOGo] BTS activities for Monday, November 04 2019

2019-11-04 Thread SOGo reporter
Title: BTS activities for Monday, November 04 2019 BTS Activities Home page: http://www.sogo.nu/bugs Project: SOGo For the period covering: Monday, November 04 2019 idlast updatestatus (resolution)categorysummary

Re: [SOGo] Thunderbird 60 -> 68 Upgrade

2019-11-04 Thread Ian McMichael
On 28/10/2019 4:09 pm, Christian Mack (christian.m...@uni-konstanz.de) wrote: Your observations are correct. All Thunderbird Add-Ons are either compatible with Thunderbird 60 or 68 there is no way to be compatible with both. Thanks Christian, that confirms what I thought and discovered during

Re: [SOGo] SOGo LDAP groups - configuration problem

2019-11-04 Thread Kaiwasaki
I just figured it out. I had to remove //GroupObjectClasses = ("groupOfNames"); and add SOGoLDAPGroupExpansionEnabled = YES; Regards, Kai -- users@sogo.nu https://inverse.ca/sogo/lists

[SOGo] SOGo LDAP groups - configuration problem

2019-11-04 Thread Kaiwasaki
Hi all. I am trying to get my LDAP groups working in SOGo. but I seem to fail in doing so. I assume that if everything is configured correctly, I could see the individual members of a group in the address book? I only see the groups but not the members if I click on a group entry. Also, if I try

[SOGo] Duplicate completed tasks in Outlook

2019-11-04 Thread "Thomas Daly"
My configuration is 2 Windows PCs (machine A and B), each running Outlook 2010 with CalDav synchroniser v3.6.2, connecting to a Sogo server v4.1.1. Synchronisation mode is set to 'Outlook to server (two way)' on both, with a synchronisation interval of 1 minute. When a task is marked as

Re: [SOGo] Thunderbird 68

2019-11-04 Thread Christoph Zechner
Unfortunately, this issue still persists and effectively stops us from rolling out the new SOGo release. Any news on this? Best regards Christoph Zechner On 18/10/2019 15:41, Christoph Zechner (zech...@vrvis.at) wrote: On 17/10/2019 20:45, Ludovic Marcotte (lmarco...@inverse.ca) wrote: On