[SOGo] Problem with new imap server

2011-05-30 Thread Stéphane PERON
Hi all, For a while, sogo refuse to connect to our new imap server with SSL ... In the error logs, I get : Failed to load principal class from bundle (/usr/share/GNUstep/Libraries/gnustep-base/Versions/1.19/Resources/SSL.bundle) And effectively, there are no file in this directory ... How

[SOGo] SOGo on Debian ARM

2011-05-30 Thread Dominique
HI, I've been using SOGo on Ubuntu for a while now and I wanted to try a build on Debian/ARM. Since no packages are available, I started to build it from binaries. So I started collecting the various pieces necessary before install. Currently compilingthe SOPE part, so it's slow. In the

Re: [SOGo] SOGo on Debian ARM

2011-05-30 Thread Dominique
Well, SOPE compiling went almost through, no obvious errors, just a few warnings, except on the last one. Here is the list of errors/warnings encountered: Compiling file NGMimeFileData.m ... NGMimeFileData.m: In function â-[NGMimeFileData initWithBytes:length:]â: NGMimeFileData.m:93:

[SOGo] Neil Scott is out of the office.

2011-05-30 Thread Neil Scott
I will be out of the office starting 30/05/2011 and will not return until 06/06/2011. Please contact the our office on 47224333 -- users@sogo.nu https://inverse.ca/sogo/lists

[SOGo] caldav and carddav failing since upgrade to 1.3.7

2011-05-30 Thread Bill Cameron
Hi, SOGo 1.3.4 was working with the iPhone calendar and contacts. We recently upgraded to 1.3.7 and since then have had problems with getting things to sync when setting up new devices and creating accounts on exisitng devices. SOGo is working with Thunderbird and we've had no sync issues with

[SOGo] Signature link missing. Proposed fix?

2011-05-30 Thread Jason Thibeault
Gentlemen, I've noticed a number of my users appear to have the Signature link missing under the IMAP Settings tab in SOGo. I'm still looking for commonalities, but a large number of them have c_defaults set as NULL presently on their user entry in sogo_user_profile. I'm not 100% certain of

[SOGo] BTS activities for Monday, May 30 2011

2011-05-30 Thread SOGo reporter
Title: BTS activities for Monday, May 30 2011 BTS Activities Home page: http://www.sogo.nu/bugs Project: SOGo For the period covering: Monday, May 30 2011 idlast updatestatus (resolution)categorysummary 1056