Re: [SOGo] Shared Address Book problem

2011-12-29 Thread Martin Seener
Everythings fine. You should read the entire FAQ and search in the Mailing List first. This is no issue but a feature. As a LDAP can contain thousands of entries the shared address book (which is the ldap) is hidden by default. you can search it by using the . in the search field - all entries

[SOGo] Shared Address Book problem

2011-12-29 Thread agc.mvp
Hi everyone! I'm using LDAP for authentication and it works fine, the problem is there's nothing in shared address book. I'm connecting LDAP this way: SOGoUserSources '({CNFieldName = cn; IDFieldName = uid; UIDFieldName = uid; baseDN = ...; bindAsCurrentUser = YES; canAuthenticate = YES;

Re: [SOGo] LDAP search broken

2011-12-29 Thread Emmanuel Dreyfus
Hi No reply on this? I am still stuck with that problem... Emmanuel Dreyfus wrote: Christian Mack wrote: Did you restart SOGo after changing your configuration? Yes, I did. If you did, what locale do you use as user sogo? None set.