[SOGo] make gnustep-make a Build-Depends?

2012-09-23 Thread Michael Gratton


Is there any reason why the SOGo debs lists gnustep-make as a Depends?
Doing so causes gobjc to be installed, which in turn also pulls in gcc.

I really dislike having one compiler installed on my servers, let alone
two — it's a great way for attackers to exploit a remote security

Should gnustep-make be a Build-Depends instead?


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Re: [SOGo] users transfer from one server to another

2012-09-23 Thread Jean-Michel OLTRA


Le samedi 22 septembre 2012, Jean-Michel OLTRA a écrit...

 I tried with sogo-tool restore (from a backup) : restore -f ALL

 No way! SOGo creates new tables and new rows in the sogo_folder_info
 tables when the user connects, and the requests for Agendas and Contacts
 are failing.

 Other ideas?


There is a lack of error message in the `-f ALL` option.

I began by restoring preferences, with 
`sogo-tool restore -p backup-folder user`
So far, so good! I did not believe it!

Then I tried `sogo-tool restore -l backup-folder user`, which gave
me the list of folders.

I began by Contacts/personal, and had an error for user g.fremery

no user table '/Users/g.fremery/Contacts/personal' found

Having the error, I was able to fix the  problem: in the backup file the
table names were /Users/g.frem...@imereos.fr/Contacts/personal, for this
folder. I had to delete the @imereos part of the folder name, and could
restore the backup.

I already had a problem concerning the backup file name: it was
something like au...@imereos.fr, and I had to rename it shortly as aUser
to be able to load it (error message saying the backup file could not be

It's a pity that the `restore -f ALL` did not send me an error upon the
table name, as the `-f folder` did.

Have a nice Sunday!



[SOGo] Blank page after login on new 1.3.18 install?

2012-09-23 Thread Michael Gratton


A new installation of SOGo 1.3.18 on Ubuntu 12.04 is giving a 404
object not found: SOGo = testuser error after logging in.

The login page's URL is http://calendar.domainname.com/SOGo, and after
logging in as testuser the browser is redirected to
http://calendar.domainname.com/SOGo/testuser, which causes the 404.

I believe my x-webobjects-server-url header is being set correctly, my
Apache proxy config section looks like:

RequestHeader set x-webobjects-server-port 80
RequestHeader set x-webobjects-server-name calendar.domainname.com
RequestHeader set x-webobjects-server-url
RequestHeader set x-webobjects-remote-host
RequestHeader set x-webobjects-server-protocol HTTP/1.0
#RequestHeader set x-webobjects-remote-host %{REMOTE_HOST}e


Any suggestions welcome!

Michael Gratton mich...@quuxo.com
Quuxo Software http://web.quuxo.com/

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[SOGo] Images in email signature

2012-09-23 Thread Paul Warren

Hi all,

I'm struggling to get a useful method of adding an image to a SOGo email 
signature.   The only way I've been able to reliably have an image 
appear in the signature is to add a link to an externally hosted image, 
which brings up security errors in Outlook and Thunderbird upon receipt.

Is there a way of doing a multi-part Mime signature similar to the way 
outlook and thunderbird do things? Or do you have a recommended way of 
doing something like this?

Paul Warren
Wollemi Systems
6116 8698