[SOGo] BTS activities for Monday, January 02 2017

2017-01-02 Thread SOGo reporter
Title: BTS activities for Monday, January 02 2017 BTS Activities Home page: http://www.sogo.nu/bugs Project: SOGo For the period covering: Monday, January 02 2017 idlast updatestatus (resolution)categorysummary

[SOGo] CSS files

2017-01-02 Thread Peter
Hello, I'm trying to customize the theme of SOGo 3.2.4. I added a new palette to Common.js and defined it as primaryPalette in the default theme. I changed accentPalette as well. Some colors are changed, but not the all ones. After some digging, i found two files - theme-default.css and

[SOGo] Signing of SOGo/SOPE Source Packages

2017-01-02 Thread Tilo Werner
Hi, it would be really nice if the source packages provided by Inverse Inc. would be signed via gpg or at least there were some Checksum-Files available. Regards, Tilo signature.asc Description: OpenPGP digital signature

[SOGo] Missing_Domain added to recipient

2017-01-02 Thread Jubi
Hello, I am experiencing an error since a few days. When sending mail from Sogo, it adds @MISSING_DOMAIN> to the recipient address. This doesn’t happen when sending mail using other IMAP client on same mailserver. I am using Debian