[SOGo] BTS activities for Friday, January 13 2017

2017-01-13 Thread SOGo reporter
Title: BTS activities for Friday, January 13 2017 BTS Activities Home page: http://www.sogo.nu/bugs Project: SOGo For the period covering: Friday, January 13 2017 idlast updatestatus (resolution)categorysummary

[SOGo] Create a sieve filter from message

2017-01-13 Thread Timo Toups
Hey there, I just started using SOGo for the first time and am quite happy. Thanks for this great product. Unfortunatly I'm missing a feature that's quite important for me. But maybe I'm missing something ... Is it possible to create a sieve filter from a message? For example, i get a new kind

[SOGo] Reducing memory usage for ActiveSync

2017-01-13 Thread Greg Kunyavsky
On 17-01-09 04:13 PM, Ludovic Marcotte (lmarco...@inverse.ca) wrote: Jan 09 22:08:05 sogod [31158]: <0x0x55a153a0[SOGoProductLoader]> SOGo products loaded from '/usr/local/lib/GNUstep/SOGo': Jan 09 22:08:05 sogod [31158]: <0x0x55a153a0[SOGoProductLoader]> MainUI.SOGo,

Re: [SOGo] AD avatar - How to?

2017-01-13 Thread Alexandre Zuotoski Neto
Hi! After trying to solve the OutlookCalDavSynchronizer issue with its developer, he found something related to SOGo itself. Alexander Nimmervoll, OutlookCaldavSynchronizer developer, said: "SOGo converts the LDAP photo somehow and exports it as PHOTO attribute via CardDAV, in this process

Re: [SOGo] free/busy info in v3

2017-01-13 Thread mj
On 01/13/2017 01:02 AM, Stephen Ingram (sbing...@gmail.com) wrote: I thought this had been discussed before here, but I can't seem to find where the free/busy information is in version 3. Is that one of the features that still isn't included? The appointment scheduling with multiple

Re: [SOGo] Totally disabled E-Mail Notifications

2017-01-13 Thread Ralf Cirksena
On 12.01.2017 10:33, Carsten Woltmann (carsten.woltm...@basycon.com) wrote: > in our SOGo configuration, we have set > /SOGoAppointmentSendEMailNotifications = NO/ in order to avoid duplicate > notifications (e.g. from clients using thunderbird, outlook, ...) > > Unfortunately SOGo now refuses