Re: [SOGo] Instant messaging

2016-08-01 Thread Corrado Fiore
to the same backend from the public internet. I'm actually interested in deploying such a scenario myself. Best, Corrado Fiore __ On 01/08/2016, at 5:29 PM, wrote: > Hi, > > Has anyone implemented instant messaging in a sogo en

Re: [SOGo] Outlook CalDAV Synchronizer (was: Re: ANN: SOGo Package Repositories)

2016-08-01 Thread Corrado Fiore
Hi Alex, hi Slávek, thanks a lot for your feedback, very appreciated. We'll be glad to test the product in our environment and contribute back to it as much as we can. All the best, Corrado ___ > On 1 Aug 2016, at 12:22 AM, Alexander Nimmervoll

[SOGo] Outlook CalDAV Synchronizer (was: Re: ANN: SOGo Package Repositories)

2016-07-31 Thread Corrado Fiore
o our clients, only to discover that it was not only quite intrusive, but it also tended to explode when it had to sync lots of data :-( Cheers, Corrado Fiore --

Re: [SOGo] integration with jsxc/sjsxc

2016-06-22 Thread Corrado Fiore
hard to integrate Jquery into 3.1.x as well, possibly using a separate namespace. Or am I missing something? Kind regards, Corrado Fiore --

[SOGo] Running SOGo v2 and v3 in parallel (sharing database)

2016-06-22 Thread Corrado Fiore
like in v2). Thanks, Corrado Fiore --

Re: [SOGo] ActiveSync question

2013-10-22 Thread Corrado Fiore
On Oct 22, 2013, at 14:19 , boyd yang wrote: Can this solution work well for mail,calendar,contacts at the same time? No need to configure calendar,contacts differently? Yup, exactly. All like a real Exchange account. Plus, you get push email, which is a definite bonus for business users.

Re: Have to make CardDav work too - was: Re: [SOGo] ActiveSync question

2013-09-18 Thread Corrado Fiore
Dear Marcio, sorry for the late reply. Please set CARDDAV_SUPPORTS_SYNC = FALSE. SOGo doesn't implement the SYNC function yet. Best, Corrado _ On Sep 12, 2013, at 16:28 , Marcio Merlone wrote: As I sayd before, IMAP and CalDav are working great. But

Re: [SOGo] php-push2 question

2013-09-09 Thread Corrado Fiore
Dear Donny, I was able to compile libawl-php on a CentOS 6.4 box just fine. It's a package that you won't find in RPM format, but compilation is easy enough. On a related note, my favorite fork of Z-Push ( seems to not require

Re: [SOGo] ActiveSync question

2013-09-06 Thread Corrado Fiore
Hi Marcio, I could not make it work with SOGo. I commented all but BackendImap, caldav and carddav on combined/config.php, edited each config.php for each enabled backend, and yet only imap works. When I try to list available calendars on my account it shows nothing. Could you please post

Re: [SOGo] ActiveSync question

2013-09-05 Thread Corrado Fiore
Hi Marcio, could not find the relevant options to set on it - imap server, caldav and carddav server, path, etc Each backend has its own config file, located at /backend/$backendName/config.php For instance, the IMAP config file is /backend/imap/config.php Best, Corrado --

Re: [SOGo] ActiveSync question

2013-09-03 Thread Corrado Fiore
organized, so here's the idea: I'll try to sum all the usual mistakes on a page in the SOGo wiki. Allow me some days for this, I'll try my best. On the other hand, I agree that the SOGo community needs a point of reference for Z-Push just like Inverse is for SOGo. Best, Corrado Fiore -- users

Re: [SOGo] ActiveSync question

2013-09-03 Thread Corrado Fiore
Dear Albrecht, Another question is: Have these projects all to be based on z-push? What if hordes ActiveSync interface also could be used as starting point? Actually, Horde's ActiveSync module is based on Z-Push: The code that handles the protocol level is essentially the same, though it

Re: [SOGo] Php-push2 - Active Sync

2013-09-03 Thread Corrado Fiore
is working quite well with our SOGo installation. Don't forget to set CARDDAV_SUPPORTS_SYNC = false in /backend/carddav/config.php, otherwise the addressbook won't work with a SOGo backend. Hope this helps. Best, Corrado Fiore smime.p7s Description: S/MIME cryptographic signature

Re: [SOGo] Log to syslog

2013-07-23 Thread Corrado Fiore
Thanks Odhiambo and Martin for your thoughts and for the advice! We'll work on it and post the results on the list in (hopefully) a few days. Best, Corrado _ On Jul 22, 2013, at 16:07 , Martin Rabl wrote: Hi, hit me, if I'm wrong, but syslog(-ng) can read

[SOGo] Log to syslog

2013-07-22 Thread Corrado Fiore
, Corrado Fiore --

Re: [SOGo] Why not move from Funambol to Z-Push? Many features will be obtained.

2012-02-21 Thread Corrado Fiore
(suggestions welcome!). Best, Corrado Fiore--

Re: [SOGo] Why not move from Funambol to Z-Push? Many features will be obtained.

2012-02-16 Thread Corrado Fiore
Dear All, I second this proposal of developing a SOGo-version of Z-Push. I'd contribute with another 400 Euros. Time to start a fundraising for this? Best, Corrado Fiore __ On Feb 7, 2012, at 15:54 , mayak-cq wrote: i'm willing to finance 400 euros ... just need

[SOGo] iCal4OL (was: Experiences with Bynari WebDAV Collaborator?)

2011-05-22 Thread Corrado Fiore
Dear All, I'm trying to configure the WebDAV Collaborator from Bynari on my Outlook 2007, with no luck. Can anyone point me to any resources out there, apart from the inadequate Bynari docs? I think I've found the solution by myself: instead of the product from Bynari, I'm using iCal4OL

Re: [SOGo] Experiences with Bynari WebDAV Collaborator?

2011-05-21 Thread Corrado Fiore
resources out there, apart from the inadequate Bynari docs? @Jeroen: which string did you use in the Server URL field in calendar configuration? Thanks, Corrado Fiore --

[SOGo] Slow performance when sending outgoing mail

2011-05-03 Thread Corrado Fiore
with Sendmail stopped). My idea is that the delay could be an effect of negotiation with the IMAP server for storing the message in the draft folder and then into the sent folder. Thanks for any suggestions and comments. Corrado Fiore --

Re: [SOGo] Character size, messages look smaller

2011-03-23 Thread Corrado Fiore
Hi, for a drop-in replacement of the SOGo default theme, see bug #758 and download the attachment. I'm about to release a slightly improved version, but the one attached is already usable. @Philippe: you might have not noticed, but you hijacked the

Re: [SOGo] New e-mail notification in webinterface

2011-03-18 Thread Corrado Fiore
Hi Paul, [...] Sogo says always Sogo, so she needs to open the browser to see if there are new messages. I think this is an instance of a more general problem (the fixed title in windows). There's a bug already filed for this, you might want to add details to it:

Re: [SOGo] Multiple IMAP servers with authentication in Active Directory

2011-03-05 Thread Corrado Fiore
Únor, 2011 13:03 CET, Corrado Fiore napsal: Il giorno 01/feb/2011, alle ore 12:29, Ladislav Pašek ha scritto: we are using authentication in Active Directory(one domain) for our 4 different independent mail servers based on Postfix+Dovecot(IMAP). It is possible

Re: [SOGo] Removing /SOGo/ from URL

2011-03-03 Thread Corrado Fiore
Hi, hopefully, you don't dislike the word SOGo in the URL, but think of your poor users, who cannot remember how to spell the end of the URL Yup, that's the problem. Shorter is better and having to remember capital letters is not easy for most people. - but THAT is rather easy to

[SOGo] Google public calendars subscription problem

2011-03-03 Thread Corrado Fiore
/ical/ Is this a bug in SOGo? Thanks, Corrado Fiore --

Re: [SOGo] Google public calendars subscription problem

2011-03-03 Thread Corrado Fiore
I'm trying to subscribe one of the public calendars provided by Google (Italian holidays), at the following URL: Il giorno 03/mar/2011, alle ore 22:39, André Schild ha scritto: Have you

Re: [SOGo] Removing /SOGo/ from URL

2011-03-02 Thread Corrado Fiore
, the /SOGo/ path is hardcoded in several SOGo files, so at the moment you can't get rid of it (I tried by myself without success). I agree that it would be nice to have such a feature. Best, Corrado Fiore--

Re: [SOGo] Multiple domains, single MySQL userSource

2011-02-22 Thread Corrado Fiore
into v1.3.6 for sure, or is it something that will need some kind of sponsorship before being implemented? Thanks, Corrado Fiore--

Re: [SOGo] SOGoUserSources SQL

2011-02-21 Thread Corrado Fiore
Hi Romain, seems like we're facing the same problems at the same time. You may want to check out the mail I sent yesterday to the list (Multiple domains, single MySQL userSource, after one day and a half of unsuccessful digging and testing. I hope there's a viable

Re: [SOGo] Is is possible to change the default /SOGo URL?

2011-02-20 Thread Corrado Fiore
? Thanks, Corrado Fiore --

[SOGo] Multiple domains, single MySQL userSource

2011-02-20 Thread Corrado Fiore
is used when switching the domain). Am I missing something, or is it something not yet implemented in SOGo? Thanks, Corrado Fiore--

Re: [SOGo] Script

2011-02-18 Thread Corrado Fiore
. But I'm going off topic here.) Is there an URL at which we can download your script? Cheers, Corrado Fiore--

Re: [SOGo] userPasswordAlgorithm problem

2011-02-18 Thread Corrado Fiore
Hi, could you give us more details on your system, like which version of SOGo you're running, the kind of MD5 (plain or crypt-MD5)... ? Can you see the queries SOGo is issuing to the SQL server, for example in a query log? Without these details, it's difficult to give you any hints. Regards,

[SOGo] Alternate theme proposal

2011-02-13 Thread Corrado Fiore
#.enterMode) to make it use BR. A one-line break is the expected result of hitting Enter in any email applications, that's it. Any thoughts, suggestions or comments are welcome! -- Corrado Fiore ___ Via Gramsci 16/M 20060 Cassina de' Pecchi MI - Italy mail

Re: [SOGo] Mysql source w/ crypt broken after 1.3.5a upgrade?

2011-02-03 Thread Corrado Fiore
Il giorno 02/feb/2011, alle ore 03:04, Ludovic Marcotte ha scritto: A fix was just pushed - try the upcoming nightly builds. Works perfectly now! -Thanks. Corrado Fiore --

Re: [SOGo] Mysql source w/ crypt broken after 1.3.5a upgrade?

2011-01-31 Thread Corrado Fiore
UTF8String]); return [NSString stringWithUTF8String: buf]; } Are my assumptions correct? Is this a bug? Also, just out of curiosity, are there any users who upgraded to 1.3.5 and have a working crypt-based SQL authentication? Thanks, Corrado Fiore

[SOGo] Mysql source w/ crypt broken after 1.3.5a upgrade?

2011-01-30 Thread Corrado Fiore
c_password FROM sogo_users WHERE c_uid = '' Thanks for any suggestions, Corrado Fiore __ --

[SOGo] Allowing remote images in webmail

2011-01-26 Thread Corrado Fiore
Dear All, is there a way to make SOGo webmail show remote images by default, without requiring users to allow them manually for each message? I know it's a security measure found in many clients, but I wonder how to configure the default behavior. Thanks, Corrado Fiore --

[SOGo] Cannot define per-domain IMAP hosts

2011-01-23 Thread Corrado Fiore
. My test setup: SOGo 1.3.4 w/ MySQL 5 datasource on CentOS 5.4 32bit w/ 1 GB ram. Thanks for any suggestions. Best, Corrado Fiore--