[SOGo] SOGo + Native Outlook Compatibility queries

2012-05-15 Thread Fasil
server. Also, the passwords much match between directory services. Will there be a fix for this in the upcoming stable version? Or is this expected in the stable version too? Any update or comment would be highly appreciated. Thanks Regards, *Fasil KM* -- users@sogo.nu https://inverse.ca/sogo

Re: [SOGo] Fails to log into the site just sites on SOGO url.

2011-09-08 Thread Fasil
--- fasil sse -- users@sogo.nu https://inverse.ca/sogo/lists

Re: [SOGo] Auth Errors

2011-08-13 Thread Fasil
with OpenLDAP. Any ideas? -- thanks and regards --- fasil sse -- users@sogo.nu https://inverse.ca/sogo/lists

Re: [SOGo] Problem enabling vacation

2011-08-10 Thread Fasil
-- thanks and regards --- fasil sse -- users@sogo.nu https://inverse.ca/sogo/lists

Re: [SOGo] ANN: SOGo v1.3.7

2011-05-04 Thread Fasil
David, try restarting your database. On 05/03/2011 11:48 PM, David Cure wrote: Hello, Le Tue, May 03, 2011 at 04:30:32PM -0400, Ludovic Marcotte ecrivait : Bug Fixes * selection problems with Chrome under OS X in the webmail interface * crash when some events had no end

Re: [SOGo] no defaults file

2011-02-22 Thread fasil
On 02/21/2011 08:48 PM, ani...@hi.is wrote: in the pdf document it is mentioned /home/sogo/GNUstep/Defaults/.GNUstepDefault, however in my installation i do not see that file exisited in my server. AT just start the sogod daemon. :) -- users@sogo.nu https://inverse.ca/sogo/lists

Re: [SOGo] Strange issue after upgrade to 1.3.5a

2011-01-30 Thread fasil
from sogo installation guide? --- You should then adjust the access rights to the database. To do so, modify the configuration file /var/lib/pgsql/data/pg_hba.conf in order to add the following line at the very beginning of the file: host sogo sogo md5 Regards, Fasil