Re: [SOGo] Thunderbird 17 still asks for the password several times [was Re: SOGo extensions for Thunderbird 10!]

2013-01-11 Thread Joe Hogan
Hello I saw the same thing. I ended up moving all calendars to à new account and it worked. But, I had to authenticate à few times before it stuck. At least I now know that I was not the only person. I hope that they fix this. Joe On 2013-01-11, at 15:51, Nobody wrote: I

[SOGo] looking into using sogo - multiple domains?

2012-12-26 Thread Joe Hogan
Hello, I have been looking at Sogo with interest. Does Sogo have the ability to be hosted on one location, but have users form different domains? Or, is there a way to have 1 install, and have it appear ion diferent domains? ie: