Re: [SOGo] Duplicate completed tasks in Outlook - ERRATA CORRIGE

2019-11-06 Thread Sauro Cerri
the next sync this duplicate gets replicated back to machine A and vice versa, resulting in an additional duplicate being generated on both machines every minute. Any solution to this problem would be welcome. Could you provide raw sources for 2 of those tasks? Kind regards, Christian Mack

Re: [SOGo] Sieve filter update-autoreply with cyrus

2019-11-06 Thread Sauro Cerri
of all other user, and when I launch the script manually it seem it try the authentication with the real username. Regards -- Albert SHIH Observatoire de Paris xmpp: Heure local/Local time: Tue 05 Nov 2019 11:07:04 AM CET -- /*Sauro Cerri */ISI-IT S.r.l. Via Murada, 200 23018 Talamona

[SOGo] Thunderbird SOGo Connector sogo-connector-60.0.0-0f13255107.xpi

2018-09-12 Thread Sauro Cerri
Hello all, I've installed Tunderbird 60 and only sogo-connector-60.0.0-0f13255107.xpi downloaded this morning from nightly builds and saw this issue: Calendars runs good. Address book on Thunderbird can create contacts but any modification done on them by thunderbird never update SOGo.

Re: [SOGo] Sogo and samba 4 AD authentification

2018-03-20 Thread Sauro Cerri
, edited the config and restarted SOGo From the logs so far I guess it’s a SSL problem. May be someone has already a working set and can share the hints and doc how to use that? Thanks & Regards . Götz -- /*Sauro Cerri */ISI-IT S.r.l. Via Murada, 200 23018 Talamona (SO) Tel.

[SOGo] SOGo and Sieve Filters

2017-08-02 Thread Sauro Cerri
/sieve/s/sogo1) the files sogo as below: rwxrwxrwx 1 cyrus mail7 2 ago 17.06 defaultbc -> sogo.bc -rw--- 1 cyrus mail 2056 2 ago 17.06 sogo.bc -rw--- 1 cyrus mail 1601 2 ago 17.06 sogo.script Best regards. -- /*Sauro Cerri */ISI-IT S.r.l. Via Murada, 200 23018 Talamona (S

Re: [SOGo] Thunderbird 17/Lightning 1.9 cache errors

2013-01-23 Thread Sauro Cerri
Find the problem described; patched both files as suggested and distributed to client; the problem disappear on the events and task can't be modified. Thanks --

Re: [SOGo] Fresh install centos 5.7

2011-11-16 Thread Sauro Cerri
Solved. Lack of permission for user who access to postgresql.    bySauro Cerri  - Messaggio originale - Da: A: Cc: Inviato: Mercoledì 16 Novembre 2011 10:14 Oggetto: [SOGo] Fresh install centos 5.7 Can't insert events in calendar