[SOGo] Events are not displayed at the correct time

2020-09-09 Thread Senechal Jean Francois
When you consult the events via the web interface, in the right column and in the grid the events are displayed with 2 hours less. When we display the details of the event the times are correct Sample : https://pasteboard.co/Jqirvr7.png https://pasteboard.co/JqirOuz.png If we consult

[SOGo] external users access only the agenda module

2020-02-25 Thread Senechal Jean Francois
Hello My sogo users are authenticated via ldap I would like external users to authenticate via sql but I would like these users to only access the agenda module Is it possible ? Thank you -- logomarche Jean-François Sénéchal Centre de Support Télématique Webmaster Rue des Carmes, 22

[SOGo] Sogo and debian buster

2020-01-27 Thread Senechal Jean Francois
Hello, Can sogo be installed on a debian buster in compiled version? It is not mentioned in the list of prerequisites https://sogo.nu/files/docs/SOGoInstallationGuide.html#_operating_system_requirements Thank you -- logomarche Jean-François Sénéchal Centre de Support Télématique

[SOGo] Failed to update sogo 4.0.8 to 4.1.1 [so-product-registry] failed to load product CommonUI required by MainUI

2019-11-27 Thread Senechal Jean Francois
I have not managed to update sogo I had to put back my old version I updated with compilation http://wiki.sogo.nu/Compilation#Build I took the sources by the page download and also test with the sources in both cases the same problem After the update I had these error messages : "[ERROR]