Re: Re: [SOGo] to better understand Sogo

2012-06-28 Thread vikas sinha
-- Nicolas FABRE With Regards, Vikas Sinha--

[SOGo] Usages of properties.plist in FolderINBOX

2012-06-02 Thread Vikas Sinha
Hi, Can some one tell me the usages of properties.plist and versions.plist used under /usr/local/samba/private/mapistore/SOGo//folder/mail/folderINBOX. I was wondering if some short of metadata is being stored in it. Thanks regards, Vikas Sinha With Regards, Vikas Sinha-- users

Re: Re: [**SPAM**] [SOGo] Info required

2012-05-18 Thread Vikas Sinha
Dear Anand, Actually chain of flow for mailbox. Outlook Client == SAMBA == OpenChange [LDAP for authentication] == mapistore == SOGo == IMAP Vikas Sinha On Wed, 16 May 2012 16:35:45 +0530 wrote Can someone else confirm on this. I believe if it is microsoft it would be client

Re: [**SPAM**] [SOGo] Info required

2012-05-16 Thread Vikas Sinha
) Openchange then connects to the authentication sources and the different resources, this of course then depends on what data stores you have defined. André With Regards, Vikas Sinha--