Re: [SOGo] Calendar Invite with wrong sender address

2021-10-12 Thread
Hello Heinrich, can't you put the external email addresses into your Active Directory's proxyAddresses attribute? Your users will then be able to select an email address in the SOGo web interface. Add the attribute to the parameter MailFieldNames in your /etc/sogo/sogo.conf:  

Re: [SOGo] Problem with SoGo calendar

2021-05-20 Thread
Hello Heinrich, are all database connections, i.e. SOGoProfileURL, OCSFolderInfoURL, OCSSessionsFolderURL and OCSEMailAlarmsFolderURL, properly configured in /etc/sogo/sogo.conf? Is the database user, that you have configured, allowed to access the database from the SOGo host? Check the

Re: [SOGo] What kind of license does it require if we use SOGo Exchange ActiveSync( EAS)

2019-05-13 Thread
I am not sure whether applies but that article mentions patents, which are potentially only valid in some countries. See for more information. According to this article

Re: [SOGo] ANN: SOGo v4.0.6 released! Vacation reply not to be activated

2019-02-26 Thread
On 26.02.19 14:08, "Andreas Blaha" ( wrote: Hi, just tested too, does NOT work for me. I can make changes but cannot activate the vacation reply, the save button remains grey. (I also updated from 4.0.5 to 4.0.6, CentOS 7) Recently, I had enabled the vacation replies but had