Re: [SOGo] Calendar Invite with wrong sender address

2021-10-12 Thread

Hello Heinrich,

can't you put the external email addresses into your Active Directory's 
proxyAddresses attribute? Your users will then be able to select an 
email address in the SOGo web interface. Add the attribute to the 
parameter MailFieldNames in your /etc/sogo/sogo.conf:

  SOGoUserSources = (
  type = ldap;
  MailFieldNames = (mail, proxyAddresses);

Note that email addresses in the proxyAddresses attribute have to be 
prefixed with "smtp:". SOGo will remove the prefix.

Kind regards,

Am 08.10.21 um 17:34 schrieb "H.Plett" (

Hello, Community,

finally, I made it - Mail Server is running as a relay with 2 
accounts. All fine, except for Calendar invitations.

Background: For certain reasons, my 2 internal SoGo users have a 
.local account which are certainly NOT equal to their real external 
email addresses. So, I had to match them via sender_canonical file in 
postfix and translate them to the real mail address via relaymap. This 
mechanism works fine now, but only for mails.
But if I try to invite people to a meeting, [...] they do not see my 
real address, but my fake internal address @office.local - as this 
mail is not real, they cannot answer to my calendar invite, and some 
do not even see the "yes" / "no" / "maybe" button


Re: [SOGo] Problem with SoGo calendar

2021-05-20 Thread

Hello Heinrich,

are all database connections, i.e. SOGoProfileURL, OCSFolderInfoURL, 
OCSSessionsFolderURL and OCSEMailAlarmsFolderURL, properly configured in 
/etc/sogo/sogo.conf? Is the database user, that you have configured, 
allowed to access the database from the SOGo host? Check the connections 
manually on the command line with the psql or mysql command from the 
SOGo host. An example for PostgreSQL: psql -U sogo -h -p 5432 sogo

Kind regards,

Am 20.05.21 um 13:27 schrieb H.Plett (

AW: [SOGo] Problem with SoGo calendar

Hello, Juergen,

I did now a "systemctl restart memcached.service"

But same result, just a blank page.

Any other idea or good tutorial?



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have you tried to restart memcached?



Am 19. Mai 2021 18:47:46 MESZ schrieb "H.Plett" :

Hi All,

can someone point me to a valid instruction how to configure
the calendar and contacts option of SoGo?

Currently, I can login to >
username and password are accepted.

I am forwarded then to the Mail section, which shows up properly.

But as soon as I click on "calendar" or "contacts" on the
right top side, I get a blank site back with absolutely no

The URL just changes to!/calendar/week/20210519

Any Idea why this happens?




Re: [SOGo] What kind of license does it require if we use SOGo Exchange ActiveSync( EAS)

2019-05-13 Thread
I am not sure whether applies but 
that article mentions patents, which are potentially only valid in some 

See for more information. 
According to this article "computer-implemented inventions that only 
solve a business problem using a computer, rather than a technical 
problem, are considered unpatentable [...]" in the European Union. Of 
course, you might have a hard time arguing with Microsoft.

I don't use Active Sync. A friend did some testing and came to the 
conclusion that Active Sync drains phone batteries faster than CalDAV 
and CardDAV. He also said that some Active Sync implementations don't 
search the global address list for contacts and resources when you 
create events.

On 08.05.19 08:59, luckydog xf ( wrote:


    We're gonna use SOGo as EAS and I read SOGo doc where it writes:

In order to use SOGo ActiveSync support code in production environments, 
you need to get a proper usage license from Microsoft. [...]

    So does anyone who uses EAS know how to handle this situation? Which 
license and price mode does it apply to? [...]


Re: [SOGo] ANN: SOGo v4.0.6 released! Vacation reply not to be activated

2019-02-26 Thread

On 26.02.19 14:08, "Andreas Blaha" ( wrote:

Hi, just tested too, does NOT work for me. I can make changes but cannot
activate the vacation reply, the save button remains grey. (I also updated
from 4.0.5 to 4.0.6, CentOS 7)

Recently, I had enabled the vacation replies but had forgotten to update 
my out-of-office message. I changed the text but the save button 
remained gray. Restarting SOGo and the web browser didn't help. In the 
end I figured out that the start and end date caused the problem 
although I hadn't changed them. After I changed both dates with the date 
selector the save button became green. I haven't been able to reproduce 
this problem though.