Re: [SOGo] Disable Mail in WebUI

2012-04-21 Thread javi

as I am using MySQL and not LDAP, I have hidden the Mail module in the WebUI
just by adding

#mailBannerLink {
 display: none;

at the end of the file

Just in case it is useful for somebody else.


[SOGo] Tasks deleted constantly

2012-04-04 Thread javi

I can't make any use of tasks with Sogo. It deletes always all the tasks, after
some uncertain time. 

It is as if everytask would get a random expiration date and after one o two
days they get automatically deleted.

I have a simple setup, just two computers running thunderbird 10ESR sharing one
user account (my desktop and my laptop). Calendar and contacts work perfectly.

My system:
-debian 6 squeeze
- sogo 1.3.14 (from repository)
Any other data I will post if helpful.

This happened also with 1.3.13.

I also have installed and running Funambol 10.0.3, but I have disabled it to
diagnose this task problem, as it is very important, I need this feature.

Is nobody else having this problem?
How can I debug this? Any hint?

Thanks a lot, regards,

[SOGo] Tasks get deleted when synced via Funambol

2012-03-19 Thread javi

I have sogo and funambol set up and working. Calendar and Contacts sync ok.

Problem is with tasks:
* I add a task in thunderbird
* Task gets sycned to blackberry via funambol
After 24 h the task is deleted from both places

I have tried adding a task from the blackberry, same result. Initial sync ok,
but after a while (24h ?) everything in tasks gets deleted (everywhere).

Any hints?

Thanks a lot.

Re: Re: [SOGo] SOGo/Funambol/Calendar

2012-03-11 Thread javi

I am struggling with the same problem described here and some how I screwed it

I followed this command (no idea what it does) stated in this thread
su - sogo
sogo-tool user-preferences unset settings THE_USERNAME Mail

and now I cannot login using funambol.

It was working with contacts (no calendar, no tasks). But now it does not work
at all, funambol says invalid login.
In the logs I see:
[2012-03-11 21:13:15,147] [funambol.handler] [INFO]
[324C60863985DC5280861D92AC185FFA] [] [fbb-598168674] [] [] User
not authenticated
[2012-03-11 21:13:15,147] [funambol.handler] [INFO]
[324C60863985DC5280861D92AC185FFA] [] [fbb-598168674] [] []
Authentication failed for device fbb-598168674. Make sure that the client used
correct username and password and that there is a principal associating the
user  to the device. 

How can I reset that?
I have tried 
sogo-tool user-preferences set settings THE_USERNAME Mail 
but gives an error. 
How can I fix this?

Thanks a lot, regards

Re: Re: [SOGo] SOGo/Funambol/Calendar

2012-03-11 Thread javi

I answer myself.

I found that the command I issued did nothing.

The problem was, that after installing the new module funambol-sogo-1.0.9.s4j
the port of 
was changed to 31000 so I had to change it back (apparently after everytime I
issue bin/install-modules) to the port of my sogod (2).

Thanks anyway. It works great with this version, I have contacts, calendar and
tasks syncronising!