Re: [SOGo] IMAP authentication

2011-12-19 Thread Nicolas - Lileo
Hi, If that can help, my users can change their passwords with one tool : the change password option in Web interface. Users authenticate against LDAP and Dovecot too. I just need to give the same password for ldap entry and unix account. Regards *Nicolas FABRE* Tél : 02 28 08 75 24 Tél :

[SOGo] IMAP authentication

2011-12-16 Thread František Kučera
Hi, I am using Dovecot+Postfix+SOGo and I have users stored in SQL database. My SOGo is configured to authenticate users against this SQL database. But the same job is also done by Dovecot when authenticating user in IMAP session. Which means that two SQL queries are done (one by SOGo and one by