Re: Session replication configuration file question

2013-12-30 Thread Nir A
Hi Daniel, At last we managed to solve the replication issue. (not exactly a solution but a workaround) : the problem was: The multicast tried to broadcast to local ip written in the hosts file We had to write the actual ip adress in the hosts file instead : - Tomcat1 we

Re: Compressed SVG support (*.svgz) in Tomcat

2013-12-30 Thread Christopher Schultz
-BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Hash: SHA256 David, On 12/28/13, 3:20 PM, David Law wrote: No Content-Encoding header is sent in the response. And that is exactly the problem: DefaultServlet needs to be changed to serve up svgz's with Content-Encoding gzip Okay, so you would then need to

Re: how http connector backlog attribute works?

2013-12-30 Thread Christopher Schultz
-BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Hash: SHA256 侯树成, On 12/27/13, 4:24 AM, 侯树成 wrote: Yes, this must use BIO mode, because the NIO maxConnections=1 in default, it won't block the LimitLatch. In my test case,(use JMeter, thread number is 5), 2 requests will refused soon(just 1s-2s later),

Java to JavaScript RMI framework available.

2013-12-30 Thread Igor Urisman
Folks, I needed to write this for something I am working on and thought there might be a wider audience for it. Tomcat 8 supports standard compliant Websockets, which provide convenient asynchronous full-duplex server to client data transport. The framework I am offering builds on top of that a

the acceptCount attribute not work like it's configuration

2013-12-30 Thread 侯树成
Hi, Today, I find the acceptCount of connector is not work like it's config. You can try it like this: Connector port=8080 protocol=HTTP/1.1 connectionTimeout=2 redirectPort=8443 acceptCount=2 maxThreads=1 minSpareThreads=1/ use LR or JMeter make more

Re: Compressed SVG support (*.svgz) in Tomcat

2013-12-30 Thread David Law
Chris, these are 2 completely different issues. svgz's should be served with the correct encoding (gzip) as required by the W3C SVG standard. ALWAYS. That means, files with the extension .svgz will be served, as they are, with the

doe response auto commit when browser abort or close?

2013-12-30 Thread 侯树成
Hi, I got an Exception like this: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Cannot call sendError() after the response has been committed I got it in following steps: 1. Deploy a web app. 2. request the app in browser, refresh the page when it not response fully(or close it when the page not response