Re: Monitoring Connections

2015-10-16 Thread Jamie Jackson
On Tue, Oct 13, 2015 at 9:34 AM, Christopher Schultz <> wrote: > -BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- > Hash: SHA256 > > Jamie, > > On 10/9/15 10:03 AM, Jamie Jackson wrote: > > Here's the stack trace dump: > > >

Re: Class Loader Problems with Tomcat 8 + Ant Task

2015-10-16 Thread Amit Lonkar
Thanks Chris Tried two scenarios 1. Removed any tomcat-*.jar files from webapp/WEB-INF/lib folder. Also moved ant-1.9.6.jar from webapp/WEB-INF/lib to catalina/lib. All works fine now. 2. Removed any tomcat-*.jar files from webapp/WEB-INF/lib folder, but this time left the ant-1.9.6.jar in

Re: Tomcat 8 Rewrite Valve

2015-10-16 Thread Theo . Sweeny
After further investigation it was discovered that Tomcat with a Logback implementation is blocking the Rewrite Valve module, yet to decipher why? However - on a different Tomcat prototype running with the standard JULI logging, the rewrites worked as expected. From:

Re: Tomcat answers on port 80, not on 443

2015-10-16 Thread Konstantin Kolinko
2015-10-15 20:48 GMT+03:00 Beyer, Gregory L : > > Hello, > > I'm trying to get my web app, which is otherwise running fine on port 80 to > respond on SSL. Sorry if this is a resend. I only just started getting > list messages so my first may not have gone.