Re: Problem with ServletContext replication

2017-03-01 Thread Keiichi Fujino
Hi. This seems to ReplicatedContext's bug. In the current code, the class loader is passed to ReplicationMap as Null. It is necessary to call super.startInternal() before initializing the ReplicationMap. Please open bugzilla. 2017-03-02 10:15 GMT+09:00 Andrew Gillett : >

Re: Adding/Exposing a custom module/service as part of the tomcat

2017-03-01 Thread Daga, Harshit
Hi, Thanks Christopher for JMX option but it is taking more time. Use case : I have two tomcat servers (s1 and s2). I will call a method in s1 server from external source. On the method invocation s1 contacts s2 and passes on the information (example some in-memory data stored for the s1 is

Problem with ServletContext replication

2017-03-01 Thread Andrew Gillett
Environment: Apache Tomcat 8.5.11 OpenJDK Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_121-b13) Hi, I am trying to run a two node Tomcat cluster (server1 & server2) with an Apache load balancer. I require both Session and Context replication. I've had no trouble getting Session replication to work vs

2017-03-01 Thread John Zhuge
Hi Tomcat gurus, Do you know which file is loaded first? e.g. in 6.0.48. I guess is loaded first, does it mean it should not use any system property defined in Thanks, -- John