Re: TLD startup issues

2017-10-24 Thread Ray Holme
Andre: Thanks and noted. Good article but does not help this problem. Konstantin: Thanks for your notes. What is truly baffling is that I made changes to for "jarsToSkip"   Before my recent changes, it took 10.5 minutes to get past the TLD scan   (I had a typo from before) 

RE: At a loss!

2017-10-24 Thread Courtney Meade Courtney Meade Business Applications Analyst ITS - City of Cape Coral Internal Ext 3694 Phone 239-242-3694 (NOTE:  Florida has a very broad public records law, and under Florida law, most written communications to or from city staff regarding

Default response charset

2017-10-24 Thread Lazar Kirchev
Hello, Change tries, in case no charset is specified for the response, to determine a default one based on the content language if such is present. For en and fr languages the ISO-8859-1 charset is used as default. However, this is done for all