Tomcat 9.0.14 startup fails

2018-12-26 Thread Steve Demy
Tomcat 9.0.14 startup fails, or at least is not recognized as complete by Ubuntu’s systemd which times out: Dec 25 05:19:09 vps169399[9716]: 25-Dec-2018 05:19:09.586 INFO [main] org.apache.catalina.startup.Catalina.start Server startup in [1,868] milliseconds Dec 25 05:20:34

Wrong content-type for CSS files since 8.5.37 / 9.0.14

2018-12-26 Thread
Tomcat versions 8.5.37 and 9.0.14 seem to serve CSS files embedded in a webapp as content-type: text/html;charset=UTF-8 instead of content-type: text/css;charset=UTF-8 This causes the browser (FF) not to interpret the CSS. I suspect the listed change in changelog of 8.5.36: "The default

RE: tomcat Finding!

2018-12-26 Thread Berneburg, Cris J. - US
Hi Danyaal dh> I'm encountering following scan finding errors dh> and couldn't find way to mitigate this. dh> Tomcat 8.5.32 dh> 12085 dh> Apache Tomcat Default Files dh> The following default files were found dh> :/nessus-check/default-404-error-page.html dh> Delete the default index page and