RE: Redirecting to https URL when https port is accessed with http scheme

2018-10-05 Thread Gillett, Phil
Hello: Perfect timing!! I've been assigned at my job to apply something similar with Tomcat and Footprints 12, and have had some issues. I hope someone has a solution, and I thank you in advance! Phil G. -Original Message- From: ettra lancelot Sent: Friday, October 5, 2018 1:57

RE: Why move to tomcat9 (UNCLASSIFIED)

2018-08-29 Thread Gillett, Phil
We use Footprints 12 and the requirement IS to use Tomcat 7.x, which at this time are using 7.0.86 and need to update to 7.0.90 (having some problems at this time, though). 7.0.90 IS the latest version to fix the latest security issues. -Original Message- From: Mark Thomas Sent: