RE: Binary of for Apache 2.2.x

2011-07-15 Thread Jeff Allison
Isn't mod_jk deprecated in favour of mod_ajp. On Jul 15, 2011 10:15 PM, Leffingwell, Jonathan R CTR FRCSE, JAX 7.2.2 wrote: Big thanks to Chris, Andre, and everyone else for all of the guidance! I think I'm going to do this: 1. Compile Apache 2.2.19 in

Re: Why we need two servers (httpd and tomcat)

2009-04-27 Thread Jeff Allison
Hello Group, Can someone explain to me the basic difference between httpd and tomacat serer. What one can do so the other can not do. And why do we need these two servers in the first place. I will appreciate this. -- Thanks Nagrik Don't you need to run apache etc in front of tomcat