Why does the Rfc6265CookieProcessor handle the version 1 cookie?

2016-07-12 Thread Kyohei Nakamura
the Rfc6265CookieProcessor should complies with the RFC6265 specification that does not allow the Version attribute. Why does the Rfc6265CookieProcessor handle the version 1 cookie? Best regards, Kyohei Nakamura - To unsubscribe, e-mail

Re: [SECURITY][CORRECTION] CVE-2016-3092 Apache Tomcat Denial of Service

2016-06-30 Thread Kyohei Nakamura
Hi, I have a question about the maxHttpHeaderSize. In this announcement, the recommended value is 3072 bytes. However, in the announcement from the Apache Commons project, the recommended value is 2048 bytes.

Re: Tomcat 8 Application dispatcherServlet Stats

2016-01-14 Thread Kyohei Nakamura
; -Original Message- > From: Kyohei Nakamura [mailto:nakamura.kyohei@gmail.com] > Sent: 14 January 2016 06:45 > To: Tomcat Users List <users@tomcat.apache.org> > Subject: Re: Tomcat 8 Application dispatcherServlet Stats > > Hello > > The "Processin

Re: Tomcat 8 Application dispatcherServlet Stats

2016-01-13 Thread Kyohei Nakamura
Hello The "Processing time" metric represents the execution time of StandardWrapperValve#invoke(). This is the execution time of the servlet and filters. This value of "Processing time" is the total time of each request execution time. What is the dispatcherServlet? If dispatcherServlet accept

Re: Upload big file for data

2016-01-11 Thread Kyohei Nakamura
Hi Edwin First, you don't provide the information about your apps. If you want to get a better answer, you should provide your Tomcat version, configuration and apps infomation. If you use the multipart/form-data in order to uploading a file, you can use the following settings. * web.xml

Re: How to set up log rotate for Catalina.out

2015-12-01 Thread Kyohei Nakamura
e catalina.out, you can use techniques such as is shown on the following pages. http://wiki.apache.org/tomcat/FAQ/Logging#Q10 Kyohei Nakamura

Re: Tomcat 8, Log4j, setting environment variables in setenv.sh

2015-02-25 Thread Kyohei Nakamura
How about using an extras package If you want to use Log4j for Tomcat logging? http://tomcat.apache.org/tomcat-8.0-doc/logging.html#Using_Log4j 2015-02-26 5:23 GMT+09:00 Owens, Stephen (ITD) stephen.ow...@state.ma.us: Hello, For tomcat 8 using log4j and apache commons logging, what would be