Re: Tomcat 8 classloading

2016-07-13 Thread chris derham
> Hi There, > > We are about to upgrade from tomcat-7.0.65 to tomcat-8.0.XX. and this is > regarding the loading of same JARs within the different application. to > understand the scenario, consider below case > > Tomcat 8 --- > webapps > a.war--> lib--> spring.jar >

Re: AW: AW: Suppress or replace WWW-Authorization header

2015-10-30 Thread chris derham
> I want to say thank you all for your help and many different ways to solve > my problem. I think the most -maybe all- will work in an ideal world without > hard requirements through legacy client-applications. I don't want to hold > on BASIC as auth-method because I like it so much, I prefer to

Re: AW: Suppress or replace WWW-Authorization header

2015-10-29 Thread chris derham
>> Torsten, >> >> Add an interceptor to AngularJS to detect the 401 and do whatever you >> want, e.g. redirect to a login page. Then when you have the >> credentials, submit to login rest api, get a token, and then make all >> other calls passing this token. >> >> There are loads of examples on

Re: AW: Suppress or replace WWW-Authorization header

2015-10-28 Thread chris derham
> No, container BASIC authentication should be enabled, the container should > handle the authentication, but the browser should not show his ugly default > login dialog when I request resources from the REST-service with wrong > credentials. > When the REST-client (web-application in the browser)

Re: Dynamically Create Subdomains - Tomcat 7x

2015-09-04 Thread chris derham
> I need something like, > > My main landing page > > Subdomains I am looking for > > > > > > > > etc > > myfeature is a cookie value which comes from is > landing page which drops myfeature

Re: [ANN] Apache Tomcat Connectors 1.2.41 released

2015-08-25 Thread chris derham
All, I still don't quite understand how I ended up in this position, but when Stephen from the Apache Lounge builds a new tomcat native build of something, he asks me to inform the tomcat mailing list. I consider it the very least I can do for the community, but struggle to see how I am adding

Re: Parallel Deployment: Can I request a specific webapp version?

2015-07-21 Thread chris derham
BTW: The reason I'm asking is because that transparent shift from one app release to the next doesn't play along well with any caches (browser, caching proxies, CDNs etc.): When a shift to the next app release occurs, I generally need the client browsers to fetch a fresh copy of all files

Re: Check if a URL exists programatically

2015-07-16 Thread chris derham
I already have a custom error page. When I detect that a URL returned by google would return a 404, I exclude it from the search results so that the user never sees it. Mitch Mitch, Ok I see now what you mean. Sorry your original email was quite clear. Hmm interesting challenge. Big

Re: Check if a URL exists programatically

2015-07-16 Thread chris derham
Short question: How can I, from within code running under Tomcat, determine if a given URL request to that tomcat instance would result in a 404 or not, without calling back to the Tomcat using an HTTP HEAD or GET? Background: We use google custom search by calling the google server and then

Re: redirect to website not working

2015-06-17 Thread chris derham
... how can I share the result of fiddler to you if the system dosent allow attachments? Ankur, Copy/paste the text of the raw response into an email should do it Chris - To unsubscribe, e-mail:

Re: Slow HTTP Rquest via Tomcat

2015-01-12 Thread chris derham
On 13 January 2015 at 11:38, Thone Soungpanya wrote: Hello, Can anyone give some advice on what the issue may be? We have a web application folder in Tomcat that have been slowing the http request's connection to another third party system when there are high

Re: Spurious Problem starting Tomcat7 (garbled class names)

2014-11-07 Thread chris derham
example with to garbled classes: (3.class being the first, which must come from SomeClass$3.class and the second one being something awefully beautiful: ConfigEdiAtourtAhpepnltiiccaattiioonn$SAtpaptlei$cIadteinotniCfo^@^@iigeLro.acdlLaissstener.class To prevent decompilation, you can run your

Re: Tomcat JDBC pool - too many connections in TIME_WAIT state

2014-11-06 Thread chris derham
On 6 November 2014 05:36, Vasily Kukhta wrote: I have received additional details - the application starts getting java.sql.SQLException: Listener refused the connection with the following error: ORA-12519, TNS:no appropriate service handler found, although the amount of

Re: How to access Sessions outside of class

2014-10-28 Thread chris derham
On 28 October 2014 11:06, Jason Ricles wrote: Ok so here is the problem I have been spinning my wheels on for day let me just lay it out. I have a daemon written in java running lets call it foo for simpleness on a linux machine that has the tomcat server running. On

Re: How to access Sessions outside of class

2014-10-28 Thread chris derham
Couldn't you have the daemon write to a database, and have the web app read from the database? Then you could pass whatever message you wanted as a string? Chris - To unsubscribe, e-mail: For

Re: How to protect a Tomcat server/Webapp from (D)DOS attacks

2014-06-17 Thread chris derham
Léa, Below is what I would like to ask you: How do you usually protect your Tomcat servers and Webapps from (D)DOS ((Distributed) Denial-of-service) attacks? If you allow the DOS traffic to make it all the way up to the application layer before you detect it, then the DOS will still have an

Fwd: mod_jk release

2014-03-24 Thread chris derham
All, I had a email thread going a while back - The thread ended with Christopher Schultz and mladen suggesting that I ask the maintainer of apache lounge to include builds of mod_jk on his

Re: Tomcat 7 : Configure redirect url for session timeout

2014-03-18 Thread chris derham
It is not feasible to determine the difference between a timed-out session and a user who had no session to begin with. Couldn't you use the presence/absence of a session id cookie? Chris - To unsubscribe, e-mail:

Re: how to best launch a jnlp from and then return to a different jsp

2014-02-25 Thread chris derham
Aryeh, I suggest that you take a step from implementations, and define what you want a little more clearly. You have a webpage, that is served and loads a java app via jnlp. That java app uploads some files to the server. At a later point in time, you want the server to know that the client has

Re: Problem starting Tomcat 6.0.39 (64) service under Windows 7/64

2014-02-07 Thread chris derham
Christopher On 2/7/14, 4:01 AM, Christoph P.U. Kukulies wrote: I downloaded tomcat 6.0.39 (64) from, put it into c:\program files\Apache_Group\Tomcat_6.0.39 and ran the service.bat which established the service. As system environment variables I have set:

Re: unable to start Tomcat through the Windows Services panel

2014-02-05 Thread chris derham
On 5 February 2014 16:34, wrote: How do I get to the Windows Event Viewer in Windows 7? Thanks Your welcome. Anytime you want something from google, please ask here first Chris

Re: [OT] Out of memory exception - top posting

2014-01-24 Thread chris derham
There are probably lots of reasons for top-posting, and I don't think we can lay the blame on the MS Outlook world. The people I work with use a mixture of Thunderbird, web-based interfaces, and Outlook. Every one of them top-posts :-(. When you click reply in these email clients, they

Re: Tomcat strips CRLFs from the generated page

2014-01-14 Thread chris derham
Asok, As I said before, I have no control over the input text. In the test servlet I am simply reading text from a file and sending it out to the browser. No other processing has been done to the text by the servlet. The browser, however, receives a page with CRLF stripped starting from a

Re: Packet misses in Tomcat

2014-01-06 Thread chris derham
Issue: Few packets do not reach the application servlet but tomcat receives them. The missing packets reach the HTTP layer and thereafter they disappear. This issue is not frequent but occasionally consistent. For the POSTs of missing packet I am not able to find the entry in

Re: [OT] [Fwd: TomEE Professional Support]

2013-11-13 Thread chris derham
This email does not have any relation with my activities in ASF and its projects. Its solely related with my marketing team in which how you get emails. If I thought that it will be a spam, would I put my email address to sender? I think no! We thought that you can benefit from this email.

Re: Restrict the use of JDK classes Tomcat 7 or 6

2013-10-22 Thread chris derham
2013/10/22 ANALIA DE PEDRO SANTAMARIA Hello, I would like to know if is it possible to restrict the use of JDK classes in Tomcat according to a list given in another file. ¿Is it possible by creating a new Add-on? If it is possible, where can I find documentation

Re: overriden context root

2013-10-16 Thread chris derham
hi All, I have added below entry in server.xml to override the context root of my application i.e from /dummy to /market. You can add entries to server.xml, but people on this forum generally advise against it. Please remove that The problem is now the application is accessible via both

Re: MaxClients and maxThreads

2013-09-21 Thread chris derham
To add to what Daniel is saying, here is a little graphic representation, for one single client browser : (browser) -- HTTP -- (httpd + mod_jk) -- AJP -- (tomcat) -- (webapp) (1) | |- (local resources) (2) When the browser sends a

Re: Why does JDBC application logging SQL instructions in Apache Tomcat lists 545 repeatedly

2013-08-06 Thread chris derham
On Tue, Aug 6, 2013 at 7:52 AM, Martin O'Shea wrote: This is now resolved. Thanks anyway. For the benefit of anybody else that hits this issue, care to explain how it was resolved? Thanks Chris - To

Re: [Tomcat 7.x] Tuning the connector for large requests / response

2013-07-11 Thread chris derham
Stefan, but I'm not sure which values to tune. Probably the buffers, right? Any pointers would be great. If you want to tune an application, first you need to create a repeatable test load using any tool you like. Then measure the application under load, and identify where there are problems.

Re: [Tomcat 7.x] Tuning the connector for large requests / response

2013-07-11 Thread chris derham
On Thu, Jul 11, 2013 at 11:35 AM, Stefan Magnus Landrø wrote: Den 11. juli 2013 kl. 15:44 skrev chris derham Stefan, but I'm not sure which values to tune. Probably the buffers, right? Any pointers would be great. If you want to tune

Re: Class cast exception when starting tomcat 7.0.1

2013-06-13 Thread chris derham
Who says I was using a 3 year old unreleased level? You did when you set the subject line to Class cast exception when starting tomcat 7.0.1 Charles was hinting that 7.0.1 wasn't released Chris - To unsubscribe, e-mail:

Re: SSL Issue- Support required.

2013-06-11 Thread chris derham
Please help to trouble shoot this issue. ** More information on this would be provided as per the request. ** ** Thanks ** ** *Regards* *Veena B S* ** ** The mailing list strips attachments. Please try again, sending a plain text email without any attachments Thanks

Re: Best practices for shared classloader use?

2013-06-04 Thread chris derham
I am considering using the Tomcat 7 shared classloader to reduce the memory footprint of my web apps. Can you provide some approximate numbers as to what the current memory footprint is? Also some details of how many tomcat instances you have running and/or how many versions of the application

Re: WebSockets Thread Safety question

2013-06-03 Thread chris derham
When I use the syntax from the samples in the onTextMessage() method, I get ConcurrentModificationException if I have more than one client sending data to the server at the same time: for(MyMessageInbound mmib: mmiList){ CharBuffer buffer = CharBuffer.wrap(cb);

Re: Catalina.policy

2013-05-09 Thread chris derham
Maybe the first question should be : why do you want to run this with the Security Manager ? As far as I understand this, the SM only really helps, if otherwise unsecure applications can be deployed within your JVM. Is that the case, or do you know and control all the applications from the

Re: Multiple tomcat containers or instance on same servers

2013-05-01 Thread chris derham
If anyone else wants to chip in with any relevant additions, let me know. I might be able to have a look at updating the documentation page later, but being as I'm a developer my linguistic skills have never really been approved off so not sure any changes will be approved :-) HTH Chris

Re: Multiple tomcat containers or instance on same servers

2013-04-30 Thread chris derham
Thanks for all your feedbacks. Is multiple versions supported or all instances have to be the same build. You can have it any which way you wish, e.g. single tomcat in single catalina_home with multiple instances each with own catalina_base, or multiple versions of tomcat each in own

Re: Tomcat access log reveals hack attempt: HEAD /manager/html HTTP/1.0 404

2013-04-22 Thread chris derham
But honestly, I am also a bit at a loss now as to how to continue. There is of course no way for me to prove the validity of the scheme by installing it on 31 million (20%) of webservers on the Internet and looking at the resulting bot activity patterns to confirm my suspicions. Try to enter

Re: Tomcat access log reveals hack attempt: HEAD /manager/html HTTP/1.0 404

2013-04-20 Thread chris derham
Let me just summarise my arguments then : 1) These scans are a burden for all webservers, not just for the vulnerable ones. Whether we want to or not, we currently all have to invest resources into countering (or simply responding to) these scans. Obviously, just ignoring them doesn't stop

Re: Tomcat access log reveals hack attempt: HEAD /manager/html HTTP/1.0 404

2013-04-17 Thread chris derham
Yes. But someone *does* own the botted computers, and their own operations are slightly affected. I have wondered if there is some way to make a bot so intrusive that many more owners will ask themselves, why is my computer so slow/weird/whatever? I'd better get it looked at. Maybe I

Re: Tomcat access log reveals hack attempt: HEAD /manager/html HTTP/1.0 404

2013-04-17 Thread chris derham
Hi. Long and thoughtful post. Thanks. just hope it helps move the discussion forward Say you have a botnet composed of 100 bots, and you want (collectively) to have them scan 100,000 hosts in total, each one for 30 known buggy URLs. These 30 URLs are unrelated to eachother; each one of them

Re: Tomcat access log reveals hack attempt: HEAD /manager/html HTTP/1.0 404

2013-04-16 Thread chris derham
Or, another way of looking at this would be that for every 40 servers scanned without a 404 delay, the same bot infrastructure within the same time would only be able to scan 1 server if a 1 s 404 delay was implemented by 50% of the webservers. This assumes that the scanning software makes

Re: Analyzing Connection Pool Errors/Leaks

2013-04-02 Thread chris derham
OK, I'll have to investigate the DB setting more thoroughly. The maximum sessions and processes in Oracle are higher than we were using for the test though (several hundred). We hit a similar situation a year ago. Essentailly Oracle has a TNS listener process that accepts connections. This is

Re: runtime.exec cmd.exe /C net use

2013-03-26 Thread chris derham
This thread has been going on for some time now, but why are you using drive letters? Can't you just use unc paths and remove all of these issues you are having? I searched the thread for UNC and can't see that this was asked, but seems like a sensible question. HTH Chris

Re: I need help in configuring windows authentication in tomcat 7.0

2013-03-21 Thread chris derham
Context RealmclassName=org.apache.catalina.realm.JNDIRealm adCompat=true allRolesMode=authOnly referrals=follow connectionURL=ldap://dc01.mydom.local:389; connectionName=mydom\tcuser connectionPassword=Pa55w0rd userBase=dc=mydom,dc=local

Re: SSL Best Practices

2013-03-18 Thread chris derham
If the system is only for testing, or communicates with a limited number of systems (i.e., it is a firewalled backend system that only communicates with a front-end system), then again, a self-signed certificate would be fine. +1 If his organization already uses PKI certificates, then he

Re: Tomcat 6 access Network drive and interact with desktop

2013-02-22 Thread chris derham
I mean I need a tomcat service which can interact with desktop and can access network resources Top hit when googling for 'windows service interact with desktop' The basic

Re: Tomcat 6 access Network drive and interact with desktop

2013-02-22 Thread chris derham
The first part (running programs which require a Window) usually doesn't, because those programs are usually such that they do not work as a service. It is not usually only the fact that they need a console, but they need a whole bunch of other environment which a Service does not provide.

Re: Tomcat 6 access Network drive and interact with desktop

2013-02-21 Thread chris derham
I mean I need a tomcat service which can interact with desktop and can access network resources 'access network resources' is clear, but please define 'interact with the desktop' - what do you want the app to do exactly? Chirs

Re: Sharing session attributes across multiple webapps

2013-02-09 Thread chris derham
snip I simply need a temporary string that is set during the session in one app to still be able to be displayed when the user goes to another app. /snip snip Am I missing something obvious here? /snip Couldn't you try a cookie? Chris

Re: Help in diagnosing server unresponsiveness

2013-02-02 Thread chris derham
In the Java world, most people would only call it a consider it a cluster if the app servers actually know about each other -- for instance, if you are using session replication. IMO session replication is a dog, and there are better ways to achieve similar goals that yield much higher

Re: Different webapp paths on different hosts

2013-02-02 Thread chris derham
To my mind if you deploy the app as ROOT.war, as long as DNS is configured correctly, that single context will serve responses to and This appears solves the explicit requirement stated above. But the OP refuses to supply any information about why that's

Re: How do I deploy a war file to a context path not matching the war file name

2013-02-01 Thread chris derham
The documentation for the docBase (a.k.a context root) attribute states that the docBase attribute should be used to point to the war or exploded war file. My server's appBase is the default of 'webapps' and my WAR and exploded WAR are under webapps so I have specified a relative path of

Re: LDAP on TOMCAT 7.0.30

2013-01-31 Thread chris derham
We have 2 Apps on tomcat with each having independent DB the credentials in both apps are in synch with the list of authorized users as per LDAP. What does that mean? Where is the source of the credentials? When a user changes a password, where do they change it? You say in synch, so do the

Re: LDAP on TOMCAT 7.0.30

2013-01-31 Thread chris derham
Is this possible, Is there any material available for me The links already provided cover all that you request I have read some where that Apache HTTPD ( ) can do this SSO process, then the same could be at Httpd instead of Tomcat end . If so yes plz let me know the process. I have

Re: LDAP on TOMCAT 7.0.30

2013-01-29 Thread chris derham
Does that mean that Tomcat treats WIA similar to HTTP BASIC (or maybe DIGEST) unless you've approved a particular domain/host? That's interesting. Can you just enter anything you'd like? For instance, can I authenticate to a server that is expecting WIA from a Linux workstation just by

Re: LDAP on TOMCAT 7.0.30

2013-01-28 Thread chris derham
1) All 3 applications are browser compatible and users may use other then IE hence IE alone can be ruled out Do you mean multiple browsers access these web applications, so we can't use anything that is IE specific? Assuming that you do, I don't believe that anybody suggested anything that

Re: LDAP on TOMCAT 7.0.30

2013-01-28 Thread chris derham
Do you need a plug-in or anything like that? Does it need to be specifically enabled? No, we use it all the time with IE, Firefox, and I believe Chrome as well. Last time I was working in this area a few years ago, it worked by default in IE and had to be turned on in FF. A rogue website

Re: Different webapp paths on different hosts

2013-01-26 Thread chris derham
it's not. maybe it will make things clear if i change the names of the paths, say: * when user goes to - {thesamewebapp}/app1 path is served as root path of the domain * when user goes to - {thesamewebapp}/app2 path is served as root path of the

Re: Trying to install tomcat 7.0.35 but after installation it shows me as Apache Tomcat 7.0.2

2013-01-23 Thread chris derham
Kiran I want to run it as service.I installed this by running service bat file from cmd prompt.once installation was success full.I checked local host:8080.over there I see version 7.0.2 . in a cmd prompt run netstat -ano. The output will list all processes and the TCP port they have open.

Re: Single Tomcat instance scalability

2013-01-18 Thread chris derham
We have a web server hosted on Apache Tomcat Version 7.0.32. It is a single Tomcat instance on 64 bit windows. Server.xml has two connectors: The ssl connector is HTTP NIO and the non-ssl connector is HTTP BIO. We are trying to achieve vertical scalability and would like to increase the

Re: Mod_jk - loadbalancer

2012-12-03 Thread chris derham
I use mod_jk loadbalancing. (JkMount /WebApp/* loadbalancer ) I want to use only one loadbalancer. Why are you using load balancing? Why do you want to use only one loadbalancer? Can I set specific url after balancing ? For example, firstly every request will go to loadbalancer. Then if

Re: Handling requests when under load - ACCEPT and RST vs non-ACCEPT

2012-11-14 Thread chris derham
Having finally received the actual details of what the OP actually is doing in email #37 of this thread, I was struck by a simple thought. I have re-read the whole thread, and don't think/hope that I am about to say anything completely stupid. We develop software that routes millions of requests

Re: tomcat 7 PermGen

2012-10-25 Thread chris derham
After upgrading to 7, deploying a new war file often results in PermGen error, much more often than in 6.(with identical JVM settings) I have tried all those JVM settings for perm memory but no help. All those JVM settings for perm memory - could you share which settings you have tried, and

Re: insfrastructure set list

2012-10-23 Thread chris derham
Today we're about to deploy a simple app that is basically a charts solution that will run over Tomcat 7.X. Well till there everything is all right. But since I'm not a heavy user of Tomcat I'm not so sure what could that be the best settup for my app for not have problems in a first sight by

Re: Setting JVM Parameters in Windows Service for Tomcat7

2012-09-20 Thread chris derham
The documentation tells, that this could be done by calling tomcat7 //US//Tomcat7 ... This method works, but it is not practicable for our production environment, because these settings are stored in the registry. Matthias - can you please elaborate on exactly what it is not practicable for

Re: exploting tomcat vulnerability with example

2012-09-19 Thread chris derham
On Wed, Sep 19, 2012 at 10:02 AM, Ragini wrote:For my research work I want to have different attacking scenarios which exploits vulnerability of JAVA based applications. This java applications can be just any web-application, desktopapplication or any other.For this, I was

Re: Root context switching

2012-09-04 Thread chris derham
I am new to Tomcat. What I like to do is to deploy different versions of my application, for example: hostname\myappv1 hostname\myappv2 Now I want the ROOT context to be set dynamicly to one of the available deployed versions. Is this possible? Is there a way to implement this? Dennie,

Re: Root context switching

2012-09-04 Thread chris derham
Basic what I want is the same functionality which google apps provides. So I want to be able to have multiple versions of my application online, let people try the new environment and eventually switch the root context to the new running version. This enables my clients to try out the new

Re: tomcat and DB oracle problem - only in higher versions

2012-08-16 Thread chris derham
I found following problem when java application is trying save xml data into xml column to database. I found a problem with tomcat which is happening in the version 6.0.32 and 6.0.35 (maybe also in other version), but working really fine with version 6.0.26. ** ** My

Re: ClassCastException org.apache.jasper.runtime.ELContextImpl cannot be cast to org.apache.jasper.el.ELContextImpl

2012-08-09 Thread chris derham
| I am 95% certain of what is happenning but haven't tested this. It will help your understanding if you read the EL specification, specifically the section in the Javadoc regarding how implementations are discovered. | Tomcat implements these rules. It is possible for an EL implementation to be

Re: TOMCAT with multiple sites (one on https, others on http)

2012-08-07 Thread chris derham
I have configured the server.xml to run a few sites with HTTP and HTTPS, HTTP sites work correctly, that HTTPS is not responding, can not display the page Massimo Chirivì Massimo, Pid's reply was asking you to answer some specific questions. You appear to have only answered the first one

Re: Location of Tomcat 7 jvm defualt settings...

2012-07-21 Thread chris derham
On Fri, Jul 20, 2012 at 6:31 PM, Tony Anecito wrote: Thanks for the quick reply Mark. Yes I saw your comments in one of your presentations about profilier and I am a fan of visualvm and have profiled Tomcat in the past but when down to 1-2msec not sure how much the

Re: How to initiate session id change from application code?

2012-06-28 Thread chris derham
Good Evening Pavel Implementing a SSL Connector on Tomcat will prevent Session Fixation attack Martin, This is not correct. Using SSL will not stop session fixation attacks Chris

Re: Tomcat 7.0.28 connection pool issue

2012-06-28 Thread chris derham
On Thu, Jun 28, 2012 at 12:38 PM, Yasser wrote: Yes. It does show that maxactive has reached 100. I also use splunk to get the connection status at the oracle side. What I dont understand is that Resin needs just 50 connections to handle the same load. I am in the process

Re: Wish to use an independent class module in Tomcat

2012-06-26 Thread chris derham
On Tue, Jun 26, 2012 at 12:46 PM, Cotton, Joseph B wrote: I looked at the Realm documentation for a few minutes, but it appears to be intended for User ID and Password verification. Joseph, Ignore Martin's JDBCRealm suggestion - his responses don't seem to relate

Re: Request timeout option in HTTP or AJP Connector

2012-06-22 Thread chris derham
Using tomcat 6.0.29. i want to know is there any parameter in HTTP\AJP connector to set request time out(i.e if particular request taking long time to complete it should time out after configured timeout value).? My web application communicating to some external system where response is

Re: user switching or application interacting with container based authentication

2012-05-23 Thread chris derham
any hint on fast-user-switching or applications-interacting-with-container-based-authentication are very welcome. Dirk, We had an app where support staff can login, and then on a special form enter the username of the person to impersonate and their own password (to prevent abuse), and the

Fwd: mod_jk binary

2012-05-16 Thread chris derham
Steffen from apache lounge asked me to forward this to tomcat mailing list Chris -- Forwarded message -- From: Steffen Date: Wed, May 16, 2012 at 12:10 PM Subject: Re: mod_jk binary Chris, Made 1.2.36 Apache 2.4 Win32/Win64 available. Maybe you can say

Re: IE caching problem-

2012-05-13 Thread chris derham
never had this problem when i deployed to SolarisI'll try again tommorrow when i have a REAL Operating System to deploy my webapp So you have a web app, serving up web pages, that are being cached in a browser. The browser is not refreshing, for reasons unknown. You say that the clock was

Re: 64bit windows mod_jk connector download for apache httpd 2.4

2012-04-25 Thread chris derham
Wow, that was fast. Far better than commercial support IMO I am grateful too for the above, but since you appear to have a good connection, and for the sake of symmetry, should not one ask them also for the 32-bit version ? I sent one email, and he went for it. I don't really call that

Re: 64bit windows mod_jk connector download for apache httpd 2.4

2012-04-24 Thread chris derham
Exactly. Might be better to come from userland +1 I have emailed the apache lounge contact email asking if they would consider including a build of mod_jk - lets see what happens Thanks Chris And we have a winner - 64 bit mod_jk now present on

Re: 64bit windows mod_jk connector download for apache httpd 2.4

2012-04-23 Thread chris derham
Exactly. Might be better to come from userland +1 I have emailed the apache lounge contact email asking if they would consider including a build of mod_jk - lets see what happens Thanks Chris

Re: 64bit windows mod_jk connector download for apache httpd 2.4

2012-04-19 Thread chris derham
On Wed, Apr 18, 2012 at 5:07 PM, Mladen Turk wrote: On 04/18/2012 02:00 PM, chris derham wrote: All, Our setup has apache tomcat running behind apache httpd using mod_jk. I would like to upgrade to apache 2.4, but for this I need to find a 64bit mod_jk release for httpd

64bit windows mod_jk connector download for apache httpd 2.4

2012-04-18 Thread chris derham
All, Our setup has apache tomcat running behind apache httpd using mod_jk. I would like to upgrade to apache 2.4, but for this I need to find a 64bit mod_jk release for httpd 2.4. The binaries contained at 32 bit httpd connectors, or a 64bit iis

Re: Tomcat with mod_jk becomes irresponsive after working for awhile

2012-02-26 Thread chris derham
Ofer, Look at the articles in the link already given - find the bit about sendsignal. Download this program, and run it. This provides the windows equivalent of sending -3 to a *nix java process, e.g.

Re: Tomcat with mod_jk becomes irresponsive after working for awhile

2012-02-24 Thread chris derham**HowTo#How_do_I_obtain_a_** thread_dump_of_my_running_**webapp_.3F for more info, to get a thread dump of tomcat. I have seen that page but actually can't use the //MS//

Re: JNDI Access in Lifecycle Listener

2012-02-14 Thread chris derham
i load a spring xml with my own lifecycle listener. Which works pretty well actually. In my spring xml i try to get a datasource from the JNDI context. I put the definition in the server.xml under GlobalNamingResources. My lifecycle listener is loaded after the

Re: Tomcat memory requirements

2012-01-25 Thread chris derham
Hi Celso, you signature is in portuguese because that i will talk in portuguese... Tenho 12 anos de experiência com Linux e dois livros publicados, nunca vi um tomcat rodar sem consumir umas cacetadas de megas de memória, acho que o java, é uma plataforma ruim, mas que todo mundo defende e

Re: Strategy to prohibit concurrent users authenticated through Tomcat

2012-01-13 Thread chris derham
I am using Tomcat 7.0.11 and use Form Authentication (via j_security_check) to authenticate through the Tomcat server. Currently, two users with the same username can log into my application from two different computers and concurrently access the app. Is there a way to prohibit a user from

Re: Single war file - multiple hosts - can't get log4j to log to different files

2011-11-23 Thread chris derham
We thought this would allow us to monitor all contexts with a single probe install, but it only seems to show a single localhost context. I assume that the hosts are separated, and that the context=priviliged setting can allow a web app to access other webapps in the same context, but

Re: Babysitting ThreadLocals

2011-11-23 Thread chris derham
A silly question: why do you use a ThreadLocal to store a constant value for entire application? why not a static variable or store into web application context , by example ? The string of the date format is constant. However the SimpleDateFormat class is not threadsafe, so you will hit

Single war file - multiple hosts - can't get log4j to log to different files

2011-11-22 Thread chris derham
All, Java running on windows 2008 r2 against tomcat 7.0.19 java version 1.6.0_24 Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0_24-b07) Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 19.1-b02, mixed mode) I have a single war file, and would like to host multiple demo sites of our app. So ideally users

Re: Single war file - multiple hosts - can't get log4j to log to different files

2011-11-22 Thread chris derham
Host appBase=webapps\demos unpackWARs=false autoDeploy=false The appBase I find a little concerning... You don't have any apps directly place in webapps do you? So I wasn't 100% sure exactly what to do here. I setup a folder under webapps called demos. We

Re: Grabbing the user's info

2011-11-16 Thread chris derham
But for _transparent_ authentication IIS is required as Christopher mentioned. That is not true. You can use SPNEGO to setup transparent authentication directly to tomcat. You do not need IIS. This means that a browser accesses a protected url on the server, and the server and browser discuss

Re: Include NEtwork path into Tomcat - urgent

2011-11-15 Thread chris derham
On Tue, Nov 15, 2011 at 11:39 AM, Alexander Diedler adied...@tecracer.dewrote: Hello, This is no option, this solution means, that the windows session must still remain opened with a logged in user. Not true. You can setup tomcat to run under a service account, and have the service account

Re: SSL for modjk and tomcat

2011-11-10 Thread chris derham
Simple i have setup httpd,modjk,tomcat .i want to enable SSL(i.e i can handle everything on https). If you have httpd sending traffic via mod_jk to tomcat, you are nearly there. Just configure httpd to listen over ssl. If (instead) you want to encrypt the AJP connection between HTTPD and

Re: Session time out never takes place with ajax

2011-11-10 Thread chris derham
So to recap, and verify my understanding... Perhaps I am missing some valve overview. I understand it is invoked before the filters, but after completion it would arrive to the filter/servlet container anyway. So what your saying is that if I build a valve and read information from IO file

Re: how to connect to datasource

2011-11-09 Thread chris derham
may I know, how to connect to datasource automatically if my DB machine is restarted?? Is it having any specific parameter to connect datasource automatically?? How does the existing app connect to the database? Can you show the code please - remove any sensitive passwords Thanks

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