Re: how to inject arbitrary javascript code to a component markup?

2009-10-11 Thread nino martinez wael
This is a clear case for a behavior, and would be simple too.. Like so: 2009/10/10 Paul Huang

Wicket Bulgarian translation (bg)

2009-10-11 Thread Girts Ziemelis
Is anyone using wicket with bulgarian translations? It seems, the standard wicket messages for bulgarian are all messed up :( Unfortunately I do not speak/write Bulgarian, but version of survey we are running is also in BG and our Bulgarian colleagues are complaining

Re: London Wicket Event, Saturday November 21st

2009-10-11 Thread Erik van Oosten
Igor Vaynberg wrote: until i see some video proof i will continue to operate under my assumption - there are no presentations, this is just an excuse to get out of the house and go to a pub :) -igor For sure, they /will/ visit a pub... -- Erik van Oosten

AutoCompleteTextField, IConverter and required

2009-10-11 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
I have an AutoCompleteTextField with a POJO model; I override getConverter() to return a converter that looks up the field value in the same list that getChoices() uses for filtering. Which works fine if you actually put something into the field that matches. However, if you type a non-mathing

Re: Leg Up for Wicket, Spring, Guice, JPA, Warp, EclipseLink, Hibernate ... projects

2009-10-11 Thread richardwilko
Hi, What version of maven are you using (you can find you with mvn -version) Can you try changing this bit of the command line: -DarchetypeCatalog= to this: -DarchetypeCatalog= and see if that works.

Re: Leg Up for Wicket, Spring, Guice, JPA, Warp, EclipseLink, Hibernate ... projects

2009-10-11 Thread danisevsky
Hi, I am using 2.2.1. I tried it again (without the command change) and now it works. If I remember well, only change what I done was clear .m2 directory. I am not the same guy who left the comment on your blog. Thank you very much. 2009/10/11 richardwilko Hi,

Re: Leg Up for Wicket, Spring, Guice, JPA, Warp, EclipseLink, Hibernate ... projects

2009-10-11 Thread jWeekend
Thanks for the update, that's useful. I expect you had an old settings.xml in there or that there was something else broken deeper in your repo. Also bear in mind that unless you've configured Maven on Linux and Windows on the same machine to use the same repo, you'll have 2 repos, under your

Re: Date Picker in Editable TreeTable in IE7 and IE8

2009-10-11 Thread John MacEnri
Rolling my own seems like a pretty heavyweight solution. The control for the most part is fine. (Though the lack of any year change ability is a significant drawback) What I'm trying to find out is whether anyone else is having any trouble with the YUI datepicker in IE7 or IE8 when used within a

AjaxFallbackDefaultDataTable has no thead

2009-10-11 Thread Stefan Lindner
In my Wicket 1.4(.2) application I have a AjaxFallbackDefaultDataTable . No big tricks, no method overriding, just an out of the box AjaxFallbackDefaultDataTable. The resulting rendered html table has no head section. It should be there because the source for datatable.html shows a thead

Ad Hoc URL Mapping

2009-10-11 Thread Luther Baker
I'd like to use a RESTful URL style where the page parameters are not necessarily at the far right of the URL. For starters, I understand the basics of Indexed and/or MixedParam url mounting to convert this: /issues/list?project=*myapp*max=*14* to this: /issues/list/*myapp*/*14*