Re: Storing and retrieving user uploaded images

2011-02-19 Thread Henrique Boregio
Thanks everyone, I was able to fix it by doing: When uploading a picture: WebApplication.get().getServletContext().getRealPath() + / + profilePics + /; When retrieving a picture: WebApplication.get().getServletContext().getContextPath() + / + profilePics + / + userId + /;

Why is MarkupContainer.add(Component...) final?

2011-02-19 Thread T P D
Why is MarkupContainer.add( Component...) final, while MarkupContainer.addOrReplace( Component...) is virtual? I'd like to be able to subclass MarkupContainer and override add, but I can't because it's final. What's the reason it's final? (Of course, I can instead write myAdd() and call add

Re: wicket tree

2011-02-19 Thread msj121
Just out of curiosity, are you using a theme with your wicket-tree? Meaning new WicketTree(...,new WindowsTheme());... Pretty sure this is the wicket-tree from wicket-stuff project. You can just look at their css and write your own, I am not sure why this is not working at all... have you tried

Re: Wicket E-Commerce

2011-02-19 Thread T P D
My cursory inspection of Broadleaf suggests that it cleanly separates into four (five) main parts: broadleaf-profile, broadleaf-framework, broadleaf-profile-web, broadleaf-framework-web, (broadleaf-core). I think you could write a wicket fronted to it, by linking to the profile and ecommerce