Re: Adding Cookie in 1.5.5

2012-06-28 Thread Martin Grigorov
See CookieUtils class. Otherwise you need to cast the Response to WebResponse to be able to work with cookies. On Wed, Jun 27, 2012 at 9:20 PM, Jan Riehn wrote: Hey, there is an open issue: the hint

Re: Ajax hide/show does not work

2012-06-28 Thread lang
It works now, thanks! -- View this message in context: Sent from the Users forum mailing list archive at - To

Re: Adding Cookie in 1.5.5

2012-06-28 Thread Ian Marshall
Have you tried wicket user wrote Hi, I was trying to add a cookie getWebRequestCycle().getWebResponse().addCookie() but couldnt find getWebRequestCycle() in 1.5.5. i found getRequestCycle() but did not find addCookie in getResponse().

Twitter Bootstrap Navigation and JQuery Impromptu demo / tutorial

2012-06-28 Thread Stefan Moises
Hi list, I have written a quick and small tutorial (with demo app and source) about building dynamic menus and breadcrumbs with Twitter Bootstrap and about modal and confirmation dialogs with the Improptu JQuery lib... check it out here if interested:

setResponsePage swallows my session feedback messages

2012-06-28 Thread Bertrand Guay-Paquet
Hi, I have 2 pages, each with a feedback panel. Page2 does the following: setACookie(); Session.get().info(blah); setResponsePage(Page1.class); The problem I have is that blah is never displayed in the feedback panel of Page1. I stepped in the request processing code and found that

RE: Suppress Ajax ComponentNotFoundException

2012-06-28 Thread Alex Grant
Thank you. I don't think either of those will work (though I will try them) as * The update event is (I assume - but don't know as I can't reproduce the problem myself) being generated in the browser before the modal window is closed. * The canCallListenerInterface method is invoked after the

Re: wicketAjaxGet in 1.6

2012-06-28 Thread Pedro Santos
Oh, also the best place to address this question is in the Wicket users list, redirecting... Pedro Santos 2012/6/29 Pedro Santos Hi Daniel, if you want to call back a AJAX behaviour, you can also check the method AbstractDefaultAjaxBehavior#getCallbackScript()