Re: AjaxFallbackDefaultDataTable: cell not receiving event after sorting

2013-06-09 Thread dlock
Hi Sven. I created a QuickStart as per your suggestion and in the process of writing it I discovered what the issue was. Basically the mark-up had an erroneous enclosure tag defined which was causing the problem. body wicket:panel *div wicket:enclosure=table*

Re: Quick fix for the dreaded org.hibernate.LazyInitializationException with WicketTester

2013-06-09 Thread vzog
I managed to make a similar workaround to enable reopening of session in unit tests using your approach. I'm using wicket 6.7, hibernate 4 and spring 3.2.2. please let me know if you have any problem in this configuration Thanks a lot Leon Nieuwoudt wrote Hi all, After about 5 minutes of omfg

Wicket context menu component

2013-06-09 Thread bronius
Hello, I needed context menu component, but surprisingly it does not exit for current version, so decided to roll my own, even though i have very little Wicket experience and know absolutely nothing about jquery, so im like that dog :)

Apache Wicket + Ace Editor

2013-06-09 Thread Shengche Hsiao
Hello everyone I want to integrate ace editor into my wicket project, but after gooogled I failed to do it. Is anyone give my some advise? - We do this not because it is easy. We do this because it is hard. -- View this message in context: