Re: How to add filtering to AjaxFallbackDefaultDataTable

2007-12-10 Thread Vincenzo Vitale
Hi, I tried to use the FilterForm adding a TextFilter instead of the normal TextField but then I had problems with the bindings between the FilterText and the filter field on my (java) page... so actually I renounced and I just put a normal Form with just a text field and in the submit

Re: enclosures and dataview

2007-12-10 Thread Igor Vaynberg
heh, you see...all those hacks like calling isvisible inside getrowcount() were to avoid all these extra calls to size() more hacks to avoid other hacks, etc. we need to rethink how the whole size() thing is dealt with -igor On Dec 10, 2007 10:41 AM, Michael Sparer [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: Wicket behind a front-end proxy

2007-12-10 Thread Jeremy Levy
I am pretty sure my configuration is correct as per the documentation however I am having the following problem: My configuration is as follows: Apache 2.2 (mod_proxy_jk) -- Tomcat 5.5(JBoss embedded) My Wicket application filter is mapped to /* and my WAR file is deployed within a context of

Create button to open popup Window.

2007-12-10 Thread Karen Schaper
Hi, I am very new to wicket. My background is with jsp. I'd like to add a button that will open a popup window that contains mulitple checkboxes. The user will select a few checkboxes and then those choices will be listed back on the main page ( using ajax??) Right now I'm trying to figure

Re: Checkbox tree component

2007-12-10 Thread Benjamin Keil
Doug Leeper wrote: When does this occur? - the first time the page is displayed - after you do some user interaction? if so, are you using Ajax in the user interaction? This happens on the initial loading of the page, and I tried setting the CheckType to Ajax and to Regular. It