Re: Prototyping mode: Automatic markup generation

2008-11-29 Thread Johan Compagner
What kind of markup? Div? input Or do you mean we should generate a special span tag with the text this component 'path' doesnt have markup Problem is that we know that only at the very end of the full page render On 28/11/2008, Casper Bang [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: While I understand the

my new site :)

2008-11-29 Thread Nino Saturnino Martinez Vazquez Wael
Hi guys I've been puzzling with a new site of mine. It's a community site, still a bit in development. It evolves around events, it has a nice overview map of events, but also more traditional search for events. The idea are that the users enter their public events like user groups etc, so

Re: ImageButton picture.x and picture.y

2008-11-29 Thread Nino Saturnino Martinez Vazquez Wael
Hi Tim inline reply Tim Squires wrote: Thanks Nino, The model is just a quick hack to show where the imageresource is coming from, i.e. it's dynamic. ahh... The ClientSideImageMap and the older ImageMap don't give an x and y of the click and I don't fancy creating a map/ for every pixel

Re: Problem with Crypted URL

2008-11-29 Thread shumbola
Following fix works for me until there will be new release: In MyApplication: protected IRequestCycleProcessor newRequestCycleProcessor() { return new WebRequestCycleProcessor() { protected IRequestCodingStrategy newRequestCodingStrategy() { return new

Insights on templating and dynamic components

2008-11-29 Thread Jan Kriesten
Hi, I just wrote up a bit on my quest to support dynamic wicket components from template generated markup code. You'll find it here, including (Scala) code: It should be usable from Java as well, though! Have fun! Best regards, --- Jan.

Re: Wicket Session grows too big real fast

2008-11-29 Thread Flavius
Martijn Dashorst wrote: With Wicket 1.3 only one page should be stored in session. You should check if you don't keep references between pages - that would result in 1+N pages (with N being the number of pages you reference in your page). Other than that: using LDM's and

RE: Wicket Session grows too big real fast

2008-11-29 Thread Jeremy Thomerson
LoadableDetachableModel Jeremy Thomerson -- sent from a wireless device -Original Message- From: Flavius [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Saturday, November 29, 2008 9:40 PM To: Subject: Re: Wicket Session grows too big real fast Martijn

Re: [discuss] Organizing Wicket Stuff / Regular Release Schedule?

2008-11-29 Thread Jeremy Thomerson
PS - Good suggestion - this was included. Take a look at: -- Jeremy Thomerson On Tue, Nov 25, 2008 at 4:32 PM, Ryan McKinley [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I don't know if this has

WicketStuff owners - please review

2008-11-29 Thread Jeremy Thomerson
Hello everyone. I have completed the bulk of the work planned on the WicketStuff reorg discussed earlier this week. A status report is located at [1] below. If you own a WicketStuff project, PLEASE review [2] below - there are still quite a few things I need community input on to complete. A