my wicket application log so many error about :unable to find component with ...

2010-06-20 Thread 新希望软件 -- 俞宏伟
wicket version:1.4.9 my wicket application log file has so many error about unable to find component... it could be that the component is inside a repeater make your component return false in getStatelessHint(), 06-20 17:46:51.188[] unable to find component

Re: ResourceStreamLocator and mvn resource:resource copying resources in the right directory

2010-06-20 Thread bht
Hi Erik, I know the problem. It is a JavaScript problem, where the browser has to construct an absolute URL from the relative URL that is in the HTML fragment. The question is relative to what context this URL has to be constructed in the browser - relative to the source of the fragment, to some

InMethod Grid

2010-06-20 Thread Avraham Rosenzweig
Hello All, I've been looking at the InMethod Grid (from wicketstuff) for use in one of my projects, but I can't find out under what license it is distributed. Does someone know something about it? A URL for the license info/text would be nice. And if we are already talking about it, I

SV: Liferay portlet parameters in 1.4.8

2010-06-20 Thread Wilhelmsen Tor Iver
We are trying to create parametrized portlet URLs to a maximized stand-alone portlet, and run into an issue where the constructor to the Page is invoked twice. But the second time, the query parameters are gone. Why does it create the view page twice? Or is it Liferay magic going on? Since

Re: [Wicketstuff / Inmethod-Grid] A handful of patches

2010-06-20 Thread Douglas Ferguson
After digging through the js i realized that if columns at the beginning of the table are fixed if they are no moveable. i.e. you can't move stuff in front of them. D/ On Jun 12, 2010, at 3:12 AM, Douglas Ferguson wrote: Thanks. Another question for you... I have a few columns that I

Re: InMethod Grid

2010-06-20 Thread Douglas Ferguson
Looks like it is Apache 2.0, which I'd be willing to guess would be required for something to show up on wicketstuff. D/ On Jun 20, 2010, at 8:41 AM, Avraham Rosenzweig wrote:

Re: InMethod Grid

2010-06-20 Thread Jeremy Thomerson
It is ASL 2, but the Apache license is *not* required for WicketStuff. Jeremy Thomerson -- sent from my smartphone - please excuse formatting and spelling errors On Jun 20, 2010 12:10 PM, Douglas Ferguson wrote: Looks like it is Apache 2.0, which I'd be willing to

Close ModalWindow from an applet in it

2010-06-20 Thread stevenson lee
Hi, I have an applet within a modal window. I use the applet to access devices (namely printers) and it is embedded in modal window. I need to close the modal window after ther printing process... Is there a way to do this? I tried triggering a click on the close button in the javascript:

Re: Close ModalWindow from an applet in it

2010-06-20 Thread stevenson lee
i also tried to take a look at the getCloseJavaScript method /** * @return javascript that closes current modal window */ private static String getCloseJavacript() { return var win;\n // + try {\n