Re: Guice 3 / Guice persist 3 and wicket 1.5 M3 filter issue

2010-11-12 Thread Josh Kamau
Thanks Martin Am posting the same to Guice mailing list On Fri, Nov 12, 2010 at 3:25 AM, Martin Grigorov mgrigo...@apache.orgwrote: Looks like a question for Guice Persist folks. The error message doesn't say what exactly is the problem but for some reason PersistFilter cannot be

Edit whole ListItem via Ajax

2010-11-12 Thread Patrick Petermair
Hey list! I have a ListView and each ListItem has multiple labels. I want to add an edit button at the end of each line so that the user can switch into an edit mode, edit every label and then save them all at once. So far, I've used AjaxEditableLabel for a single label and it works great.

Re: Wicket + GAE

2010-11-12 Thread Alex Objelean
Martin, are you sure you deployed the application using DEPLOYMENT mode and resourcePollFrequency is null? At least these are the only configurations needs to be updated (in wicket 1.4) in order to work with GAE. Alex -- View this message in context: