Wicket 1.5.8 + EJB 3.1 - strange problem

2012-11-18 Thread Satrix
Hello, Im using Wicket 1.5.8 + EJB 3.1. To configure Wicket with EJB Im using: dependency groupIdorg.wicketstuff/groupId artifactIdjavaee-inject/artifactId version1.5-RC5.1/version /dependency Everything seemed to work when I was using only @Stateless beans. But now, it's the time that

Re: Why is SortParam.getProperty generic?

2012-11-18 Thread Jesse Long
I use sort parameters of type FieldTable where field is a meta data type describing a field in (or reachable through joins from) the table represented by the Table class. My data provider then uses the currently selected Field to create the ORDER BY part of the SQL. Cheers, Jesse On