Re: wicket and flow

2013-06-16 Thread Martin Grigorov

Some guys created integration of Wicket 1.4 with Spring WebFlow (
You may find it interesting and update it to newer versions of both Wicket
and Spring WebFlow.

On Sun, Jun 16, 2013 at 7:34 AM, Piratenvisier

 Is there any support to structure the flow of pages and forms.
 I build for my realestate software structures, defining a state of a page,
 the visibility of the links and tabs, the pages a link calls in this state,
  database action to be done and the pageparameters
 the link tranfers to the new page.

 But maybe there are more intelligent ways to organize this.

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Re: user interface design: if any error, textbox channge to red ... ...

2013-06-16 Thread Martin Grigorov
Hi Joachim,

On Sat, Jun 15, 2013 at 3:15 AM, Joachim Schrod wrote:

 Bas Gooren wrote:
  To only update the attribute if the component has errors, override
  method isEnabled on the behavior, cast the component to a
  FormComponent and return !formComponent.isValid().

 And remember that you must not use isValid() in onComponentTag() to
 change tag attributes. You must store the validness in a transient
 property in onConfigure() or onBeforeRender() and check that that
 property in onComponentTag().

 In fact, at least one component in 6.5.x (which we use currently in
 our production system) got this wrong as well.

 Some day, I'll write a post asking why that change was done between
 1.4 and 6.x. If it was intentional or by accident.

I'm not aware of such change.
Please create a quickstart and attach it to a ticket in Jira.


 Joachim Schrod, Roedermark, Germany

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Re: How to dynamically add a hyperlink (BookmarkablePageLink) to DefaultDataTable that is rendered as an anchor

2013-06-16 Thread Martin Grigorov

DataTable should be used with markup like:
table wicket:id=tableId/table

If you want complex markup for the cells' content than you have to add
Panel|Fragment|Border component to the column's item, as described in the
Wiki page.

On Fri, Jun 14, 2013 at 10:40 PM, David Solum wrote:

 Yes Sven, that is where I got the HTML I posted that gives me the Close
 not found error.

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Re: Opening page in new tab resets previous pages state

2013-06-16 Thread Martin Grigorov

On Fri, Jun 14, 2013 at 5:59 PM, Charlie Mason charlie@gmail.comwrote:

 Hi All,

 I have used Wicket to develop a web app and I am having some difficulties
 understanding exactly what's happening.

 Basically there is a search page which have a number of search fields. When
 you click the search button the same page reloads with the results in a big
 table underneath the original search fields. Because of this all of the
 search fields retain there existing values when the results are displayed.
 You can then edit any field and click search again. This all works as

 Some of the results have an icon which when clicked pops up an ajax
 dialogue. This is straight forward 3rd party ajax dialogue (not part of
 wicket). This simply displays another wicket page with a couple of links to
 more wicket pages. If you click any of these links (which open in a new
 tab) I get some odd behaviour on the original search form. No mater what
 you enter into a search field, if you now click search it resets the entire
 page. All of the fields are now cleared and the search doesn't occur.

 I can see via the debugger its just creating a new instance of my main
 search page. I am guessing somehow opening that extra link invalidates the
 session data. My guess is because the the URLs a numbered page?2 these
 are getting out of sync.

Yes. It looks like this is the reason.
For some reason the 'renderCount' field of the initial page (the one with
the filters) is increased when you open the Ajax Dialog or the new tab.
Put a breakpoint at org.apache.wicket.Page#renderPage() and see why the
filter page is re-rendered when you do any of these two interactions.

 Does any body have any suggestions on how to prevent this?


 Charlie M

Re: Form submit without redirection

2013-06-16 Thread Martin Grigorov

What are these errors ?
And why do you put them in PageParameters ? PageParameters is used to pass
request GET parameters to some page.
POST parameters are sent only from the browser to the server. The server
cannot send POST parameters in the response to the browser. This is how
HTTP works, nothing Wicket specific.

Usually when you want to show feedback to the user (errors or success
messages) then you should use Component's or Session's #error() or
#success() methods. If there is a FeedbackPanel in the page these messages
will be shown automatically for you.

On Fri, Jun 14, 2013 at 9:59 PM, divad91 wrote:

 Or is there a way I can add extra post parameters to my request ?
 I don't want to put my errors in my session (too much management). I would
 like to add my errors to my request only for the current request (request

 Is there a way I can achieve this ?


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RE: Dynamic Context Menu using wicket-jquery-ui

2013-06-16 Thread Colin Rogers

I did get the chance to look at your first suggestion... and it was looking 
really good. Apologies for not getting the chance to reply. I really liked the 
change - and the 'issue' didn't seem too much of a problem, but I'm guessing 
you've solved it, from the looks of, below.

Really chuffed you've added it to your stack - the example looks really 
cool...! :)

Will have a proper delve into it tonight or tomorrow - but once again - awesome 
work! :D


-Original Message-
From: Sebastien []
Sent: 16 June 2013 03:32
Subject: Re: Dynamic Context Menu using wicket-jquery-ui

Hi Colin,

By trying to help you on this topic, I finally end up with a working 
ContextMenu implementation (so, I add it in
You can either use it or have a look at the code to complete your own if this 
one does not full-fit your needs...



The usage is the following:

final ContextMenu menu = new ContextMenu(menu, newMenuItemList()) {

private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;

protected void onContextMenu(AjaxRequestTarget target, Component
//the menu-item list can be modified here
//this.getItemList().add(new MenuItem(my new item));

public void onClick(AjaxRequestTarget target, IMenuItem item)


final Label label = new Label(label, my label); label.add(new 
ContextMenuBehavior(menu)); this.add(label);

There is a demo here:

Hope you will like it,
Best regards,
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