[ANNOUNCE] WicketStuff 6.11.1 is released

2013-10-29 Thread Martin Grigorov
Hi, WicketStuff core 6.11.1 based on Apache Wicket 6.11.0 is released and available in Maven Central. The changelog for this release is: Ilkka Seppala (13): Added package org.wicketstuff.minis.behavior.tooltipsy containing Wicket integration for the excellent Tooltipsy library

wicket conversation scope - weld integration

2013-10-29 Thread brazz
Hi, after fighting for several days with integrating cdi with wicket (i am interseted in this conversation scope thing). I ended up with the following stack trace: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Context is already active at

Wicket job opportunities

2013-10-29 Thread Leonid Bogdanov
Hello!     Sorry for bringing this topic, but I'm wondering are there any Software Developer positions that require Wicket knowledge and a remote work is an option?     It would be double awesome if such position involves Scala/Clojure/Hadoop. I'll provide my CV on a request. Thank you!

Blogging platform written in Wicket?

2013-10-29 Thread Ondrej Zizka
Hi all, while there are plenty of components for Wicket, I can't find any blogging platform. Doesn't need to be much pluggable, I'm happy with the basic stuff - posts with some markup language, RSS, basic navigation by months. But even such a basic stuff isn't around. Is there any such? I