DataTable adding one more div/span based on dynamic conditions

2014-08-17 Thread dharmendra pandey
Hi, I am using the DataTable to render the data in tabular format and overridden the populateItem method to insert the span in case of particular scenario as mentioned below.. I have done the below way but think can be done in better ways.. earlier I have used the Fragment and was unable to

Re: broken Wicket build

2014-08-17 Thread Andrea Del Bene
Hi, which branch are you working on (master, wicket-6.x...)? I've found a failing test on master for module wicket-examples (WordGeneratorTest.testWordGenerator). I'm working on it. Hi, When trying to build the latest Apache Wicket Git repository, I get this error: [ERROR] Failed to execute

Re: WiQuery: positioning a dialog when reusing it

2014-08-17 Thread Mihir Chhaya
Martin, I have used WQuery Dialog for Wicket 1.4 and could make it work in center using setMinimumHeight and setMinimumWidth methods when adding dialog. Have you tried those? You could pass different values for height and width from the source when creating to match your requirements. For

Demonstrate End-to-End Security Enforcement using Open Source Software Wicket

2014-08-17 Thread Shawn McKinney
Posting another security tutorial featuring an Apache Wicket Web sample application. This one provides end-to-end security coverage: - To unsubscribe, e-mail: