[ANNOUNCE] WicketStuff 8.2.0 Released

2018-11-19 Thread Maxim Solodovnik
WicketStuff core 8.2.0 based on Apache Wicket 8.2.0 is released and
soon will be available at Maven Central!

The changelog since 8.2.0 is:

Maxim Solodovnik (8):
  Plugin versions were updated, code clean-up
  Missing javadocs should not fail the build
  scala-maven-plugin version decreased to reduce required maven version
  wicket-8.x version of PR #640
  Plugins and dependendencies are updated
  Common property is moved to the top level pom
  Tests are separated from source sode
  Wicketstuff 8.2.0 is released

Andrea Del Bene (3):
  Changed package name of wicketstuff-rest-utils to solve issue
643 which is about OSGI bundles.
  Renamed missing package in wicketstuff-rest-utils
  More missing refactoring...

Andrew Kondratev (1):
  Improve debug logging formatting

The WicketStuff team

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Re: AjaxSelfUpdatingBehaviour detaches my DataTable

2018-11-19 Thread Sandor Feher
Hi Sven,

Sorry, I did not notice your answer so far.
Okay. Let's try to  see things from different angle :)

Yes I use spring. I tried to reduce the number of unnecessary queries. To
achieve this I try to catch if my table filtered or a new item added or a
dropdownchoice changed and so on.

It works more or less but there is no method to catch an ajax table refresh
for example (Catching it in detach() method is bad practice you made me

Here is a simple DataProvider I use.  The question is that which point
should I reload data using customBo?

At size() or Iterator ?  What is the best practice for this ?

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Re: How to handle ListenerInvocationNotAllowedException on invisible field

2018-11-19 Thread Martin Grigorov

If a component is invisible then it won't render itself. It might render
just its HTML element if you use
refineFields.setOutputMarkupPlaceholderTag(true), but none of its children
would be rendered, and their Ajax listeners won't bind at all.
So I think the reason is something else.

Often this kind of problem occurs when you override Component#isVisible().
In the first request it returns 'true' and the components and its children
are renderer. But later when the (ajax) request is executed it evaluates to
'false' and thus the exception.

On Mon, Nov 19, 2018 at 9:52 AM Vishal Popat 

> Hi,
> I am using Wicket 7...
> Recently I have been getting lots of the following exception
> WARN RequestCycleExtra:347 - Handling the following exception:
> org.apache.wicket.core.request.handler.ListenerInvocationNotAllowedException:
> Behavior rejected interface invocation. Component: [TextField [Component id
> = name]] Behavior: bidding.web.pages.search.RefineSearchFields$1@1471c2d
> Listener: [RequestListenerInterface name=IBehaviorListener, method=public
> abstract void org.apache.wicket.behavior.IBehaviorListener.onRequest()]
> at
> org.apache.wicket.RequestListenerInterface.invoke(RequestListenerInterface.java:237)
> at
> org.apache.wicket.core.request.handler.ListenerInterfaceRequestHandler.invokeListener(ListenerInterfaceRequestHandler.java:248)
> at
> org.apache.wicket.core.request.handler.ListenerInterfaceRequestHandler.respond(ListenerInterfaceRequestHandler.java:234)
> ...
> I have the following panel being called from SearchResults web page:
> RefineSearchFields refineFields = new RefineSearchFields("refineSearch",
> getPageParameters());
> refineFields.setVisible(doSearch());
> add(refineFields);
> Within the RefineSearchFields Panel, I have:
> final TextField nameField = new TextField("name", new
> PropertyModel(this, "name"));
> OnChangeAjaxBehavior nameFieldBehavior = new OnChangeAjaxBehavior() {
> @Override
> protected void onUpdate(AjaxRequestTarget target) {
> //do stuff
> }
> };
> nameField.add(nameFieldBehavior);
> form.add(nameField);
> I have found out why I get this exception... this is due to doSearch()
> returning false so the RefineSearchFields panel is not visible.
> However the behaviour is still added to the field that is invisible.
> What I would like, is to not execute/setup RefineSearchFields if its not
> visible.
> What is the Wicket way to do this?
> Many thanks
> -
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