Re: Image Tag Wicket Processing

2013-09-02 Thread Abigail
Hi,How about your code?If there is something wrong,then you can check your code .Or you can create a .NET image SDK,which can process image as you wish -- View this message in context:

Re: How to get URLs for images with in a WebApp

2013-10-17 Thread Abigail
HI THERE I usually do the image issues using an image program.You can also take a look at this .NET Image SDK which includes several library controls to perform complete image processing tasks, especially for downloading image from url

Re: Adding images dynamicly

2013-10-18 Thread Abigail
Hi there You can just add the new image according to this method: public REImage(); public REImage(int w, int h); public REImage(int w, int h, ImageMode mode); public REImage(int w, int h, ImageMode mode, byte[] data); public

Re: Generate PDF

2013-12-22 Thread Abigail
Hi there I am a beginner of PDF processing .And i am looking for a PDF processing program.I know there are many third party program which supports to process PDF files.But i want to get a free trial package before i decided to

Re: convert wicket pages html to excel

2013-12-23 Thread Abigail
HI there That exactly what i want to do .I want to convert html to excel.But i have not found a converter which supports to do that.I know there are many excel converter .Is there any free package for this? Thanks for any

Re: wicket datatable to excel

2014-02-23 Thread Abigail
Hi there It is more difficult to export dataTable values into an excel format on click of a button using a code.You can jsut add one of the excel processing tool to help you out.That would be more convenient. -- View this

Re: Generating Dynamic PDF using AjaxFallbackButton

2014-02-24 Thread Abigail
HI there In modern enterprise's document management system, people often need to process and handle large volumes of multi-page PDF document files. Therefore, a professional PDF document page processing utility will bring much