Re: Wicket 1.5.4 - Application crashing on German umlaut characters

2012-02-23 Thread Gregor Kaczor
I had similar problems without that Exception. Have you added URIEncoding=UTF-8 to your connector? See On 02/23/2012 09:07 AM, Martin Grigorov wrote: Hi, Create a quickstart and attach it to a ticket.

Update ajax target on onmouseover, but just once

2011-12-13 Thread Gregor Kaczor
Hi! I have a link of which I show only the file name, the href attribute is empty. On an onmouseover event I would like to update the link via ajax to show it completely with href attribute. To avoid unnecessary load on the server this should happen just once per link on the page. If

Update Component on TextField Entry

2011-11-17 Thread Gregor Kaczor
Hi! I need a hint how to solve the following problem. I have a RepeaterView displaying a list of static links. Below there is a text field. As soon as something is entered in that textfield (not whitespace) I would like to replace those links with a list of completely different links

Re: Basic l10n / i18n question: must page be re-rendered?

2011-08-23 Thread Gregor Kaczor
I have exactly the same problem, though i use an xml file for the translations. Any help out there? On 08/23/2011 02:09 PM, Alexandros Karypidis wrote: Hello, I have written a locale selector by extending DropDownChoice (you can see the essential stuff of the implementation below). The

Re: Opening Wicket Page in New Browser Tab/Window

2011-08-18 Thread Gregor Kaczor
Some months ago I had the same/similar problem. You have to add the attribute by overriding onComponentTag(ComponentTag tag). As far as I remember you should use the usual org.apache.wicket.markup.html.form.Button with it, AjaxButton won't work. FormVoid form = new

Open new Tab via form target

2011-06-25 Thread Gregor Kaczor
Hi! I have a problem with opening a new tab via a form. I am using Wicket 1.4.17 on Ubuntu 11.04 with java 1.6.0_24-b07 and Tomcat 7.0.12 On a page I have a Download Button in a form with a Link to a file or an image. After clicking on that button a new Tab should be opened with that link.