1.5.x javadoc

2011-01-27 Thread Todd Wolff


Is there a URL where I can pull up javadoc for latest 1.5 RC without
having to checkout source and generate myself?  Thanks.

1.5 Javascript HeaderContribution

2011-01-27 Thread Todd Wolff


Struggling with new HeaderContribution semantics ...  Trying to
dynamically add a javascript reference to header section. 


My old code (that worked):




Tried refactoring (unsuccessfully) as:




What is the correct way to duplicate the old logic?  Thanks.

Access to HttpServletResponse gone in 1.5?

2011-01-26 Thread Todd Wolff


After migrating from 1.4.x to 1.5 RCI, I encountered only one breaking
change.  I used to be able to access the servlet response object via:




But now, expected to be able to use:




But I get  a ClassCastException because ServletWebResponse is wrapped a
couple of times, i.e. by BufferedWebResponse and then again by
HeaderBufferingWebResponse.  And ... these wrapper classes do not
provide an API to access the original wrapped response.  


How can I access HttpServletResponse?  I am using a third party library
that requires the Java Servlet API request and response object.  Thanks.