Re: setTextEncoding on JavascriptResourceReferences/CssResourceReferences

2012-03-15 Thread exaptis
Hi Martin, thank you for your reply. Followed your advise, and filled a ticket: Cheers, David -- View this message in context:

setTextEncoding on JavascriptResourceReferences/CssResourceReferences

2012-03-14 Thread exaptis
Hi, i'm currently dealing with an encoding issue in wicket 1.5.4. When accessing js or css files the content-type header information only includes the content-type but not the encoding, but all our html files are send with the correct content-type header information. curl has the following

Re: Migrating to wicket 1.5

2012-03-01 Thread exaptis
Just a quick hint about the code-snipet above. You don't really need to replace the protocol. Change it to this and the browser will automatically use the protocol, that is used by the site embedding the javascript. String jqueryURl = //;

Cache TextTemplateResourceReferences

2012-02-29 Thread exaptis
Hi, i've been following this post in order to generate dynamic JS/CSS files ( ). Now I'm expiring white page flickers on page changes inside the