Re: ReLoad HTML only

2015-04-16 Thread Adam Hammer
Websockets On Apr 16, 2015 9:35 AM, Arjun Dhar wrote: Hi, for production mode its not sensible to use setResourcePollFrequency(Duration.ONE_SECOND); Is there a way that one can only allow the HTML's to be reloaded that too on an Event rather than a polling mechanism?

Re: Ace Editor Wicket integration?

2015-03-16 Thread Adam Hammer
No warranties implied, however this is the code I use to integrate ACE. It's a single page application, and I think ace.js is included in the HTML of the main page application. /** * The AcePanel is the Ace Editor and it's Affiliate Sidebar, Saving and Integration with the System. * * It's a

Wicket 7 Websocket Gradle or Maven file with Jetty 9.3?

2014-12-10 Thread Adam Hammer
(WebSocketRequestHandler handler, BinaryMessage binaryMessage) { super.onMessage(handler, binaryMessage); } }); End Java Thanks in advance, Adam Hammer

Re: Wicket 7 Websocket Gradle or Maven file with Jetty 9.3?

2014-12-10 Thread Adam Hammer
() and at Is any of them called ? Martin Grigorov Wicket Training and Consulting On Wed, Dec 10, 2014 at 11:01 AM, Adam Hammer wrote: Hi Wicket Group Members. Anyone have this, I can't

Re: Wicket 7 Websocket Gradle or Maven file with Jetty 9.3?

2014-12-10 Thread Adam Hammer
, but not serializable. Thanks again for your help in this matter. I hope to share my Wicket based project with the group soon! I've been building a CMS/Platform on top of it since Wicket 5. Sincerely, Adam Hammer On Wed, Dec 10, 2014 at 5:30 AM, Martin Grigorov wrote: On Wed, Dec

Re: Web sockets - version confusion

2014-11-10 Thread Adam Hammer
I also found it confusing, I use wicket-native-websocket-jetty9 with wicket 6.18 and jetty 9.0.+ I was not able to get running on jetty 9.2 yet. Adam On Nov 10, 2014 5:04 PM, Niranjan Rao wrote: Greetings, Document at

Re: hiding a bit of markup

2014-11-07 Thread Adam Hammer
Hi garret In onconfigure of your panel, Setvisibility of foo based on flag there. Every time page loads or Ajax includes panel it'll handle the visibility. Adam On Nov 7, 2014 8:33 AM, Garret Wilson wrote: All, I have a little list in HTML: ul lifoo/li

Re: problem with AbstractEntityModel from Igor Vaynberg

2014-05-15 Thread Adam Hammer
On May 1, 2014 6:01 AM, mscoon wrote: Heiner, You didn't tell us which dependency injection framework you you using. If you're using Spring then simply use the @SpringBean annotation to get a reference to an EntityManager or a Dao. @SpringBean automatically works only

Re: searching for a Rich text editor

2013-11-18 Thread Adam Hammer
For the most part you just integrate any rich text editor at the HTML/JS layer with a TextArea in wicket. There might need to be JS hooks in there in order to ensure that the Editor content is in the TextArea when the user submits the form. Overall though you don't need special integration for

Re: Efficient pagination with MongoDB and Wicket

2013-11-09 Thread Adam Hammer
It sounds like you are trying to force a paradigm that doesn't fit with the api's you've chosen. It's not very hard to implement a custom pager using a RepeatingView or RefreshingView. In your model object you'd have something like static ListYourPojo getResults(int start, int count) where you'd