Re: avoid setters / getters by using ?

2009-09-27 Thread Christian Beil
Hi David, if you use Eclipse, you can get rid of the getters/setters by using Cheers, Christian David Chang schrieb: Martin, Thanks for your input. My intention is how to get rid of these boring setters/getters from service beans that are usually generated

Re: Best way to handle circular references

2009-09-24 Thread Christian Beil
Hi Giovanni, I absolutely understand what you mean. I recently refactored some Swing GUI code and also tried to remove the circular references. The menu bar of the app's main frame needed a reference to this frame in order to show a modal dialog on it. The frame embeds the menu bar and

Wicket Quickstart for Ant

2009-08-20 Thread Christian Beil
Hi all, I'm currently reading 'Wicket in Action' and I also like the bonus chapter where the Wicket QuickStart build script is set up. Now that I want to try coding some Wicket applications myself, I'd like to use Wicket QuickStart. I saw that the Quickstart project on the homepage uses Maven:

Re: Wicket Quickstart for Ant

2009-08-20 Thread Christian Beil
Ok, then I'll do that. Thanks for the quick help. And thanks for WIA by the way :) Christian Martijn Dashorst schrieb: There's no updated ant version available, though the build.xml should be compatible, provided you modify the compiler source and target versions to at least 1.5