Re: [ANNOUNCE] Wicket 1.4.15 released

2011-01-03 Thread Daniel Peters
On 27.12.2010 19:15, Daan van Etten wrote: One thing I noticed: the release tag is not (yet?) created in SVN. I just noticed that too. does not exist. regards, Daniel

Problems with continueToOriginalDestination?

2011-01-03 Thread Daniel Peters
Hallo, i just wanted to ask if anybody else has problems with Component.continueToOriginalDestination() at the moment... For me it only works as expected until 1.4.12 , but all later versions (.13 to .15) return false and the following code just sends the user to the application homepage: if

Job for Wicket Developer in Berlin/Germany

2010-10-15 Thread Daniel Peters
Hallo, my employer is currently looking for one new fulltime Java/Wicket-Developer in Berlin. For those who are interested, here is the link to the job description: (sorry, it's in german only) Please don't reply to me directly, but instead to the address mentioned on the

Re: String not serializable exception coming for interned strings from Model with JRockit/Weblogic

2010-08-02 Thread Daniel Peters For additional commands, e-mail: -- Daniel Peters Idealo Internet GmbH Fon +49 30 40301033 Fax +49 30 28598351 Zionskirchstr. 73, 10119 Berlin Geschäftsführer: Martin Sinner, Dr. Albrecht v. Sonntag HRB 76749 Amtsgericht Berlin-Charlottenburg USt.-ID

Re: Does AjaxSelfUpdatingBehavior simulate user actions and prevent session from expiration?

2010-03-16 Thread Daniel Peters
Martin Asenov wrote: In my webapp it looks like the session never expires, although I've set timeout of 30 seconds. But I have a digital clock in my right lower corner of the screen, that has an AjaxSelfUpdatingBehavior activated on it. Does it simulate user actions, that may cause session

Re: A massive flaw in my understanding of Wicket

2009-03-06 Thread Daniel Peters
Hi tristan, try adding setRedirect(true) before calling setResponsePage. I think that should work: public TestLogoutPage() { MySession.get().invalidate(); setRedirect(true); // --- setResponsePage(getApplication().getHomePage()); } regards Daniel

Re: Change Year in DatePicker

2009-01-28 Thread Daniel Peters
Luca Provenzani wrote: i use org.apache.wicket.extensions.yui.calendar.DateField as DatePicker. with wicket 1.3.0 But when i open datePicker on my webpage i can't change year, i can only change the months. Does someone know how to configure DateField to do this? is it possible? extend

Re: Set width of auto complete text field?

2009-01-21 Thread Daniel Peters
Jeremy Thomerson wrote: Any one? Thank you, You can use the CSS keyword !important to override the wicket definition. Here is what I use in my app to format the autocomplete-fields: div.wicket-aa-container {width:auto !important;} div.wicket-aa {background-color: white;border:1px solid

Re: Adding jquery effects to paging navigator

2008-12-05 Thread Daniel Peters
Serkan Camurcuoglu wrote: just noticed I forgot to add the behavior to the link, but still the javascript does not show up.. I know your mail was some time ago, but I just had the same problem and found a solution. Maybe it helps somebody else in future... The problem is that the fadeOut()